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See the World With Bookroomonline.com

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Bookroomonline.com is the first Black-owned travel agency to build their business 100% online — and they want you and your family to see the world. 

Bookroomonline.com has competitive deals year-round, on average 35-45% cheaper than larger, more established booking sites. The agency has access to over 180,000 properties, mainly in the U.S and 15-20% of properties internationally. 

Right now, the business has excellent, affordable rates for Fall travel to international and national destinations like Las Vegas, Atlanta, Orlando, and Chicago, with a 25-30% discount on your stay at the majority of the properties.

Founder Rammell Lewis says the agency was created to help minorities expand their worldview at an affordable rate. Bookroomonline.com is here to eliminate the stress and financial limitations of travel, especially for those of us who may be new or inexperienced travelers. 

“My goal with my travel agency is to empower others at an early age or as soon as their families can take them on trips and vacations. I want them to travel so they can come to the same realization I did: That there is so much more than my hometown.” Lewis said.

When he was very young, a close family friend took Lewis under his wing and showed him that there was more in this world than his hometown. He says that this act of kindness kept him out of trouble at home and gave him a love of travel.

“It really helped me to see things on a bigger scale and shifted my perspective. I realized there’s far more to see in this world than in this country,” Lewis added.

Unfortunately, in addition to lack of exposure, discrimination is another obstacle that stands in the way of Black travelers. Even newer, hip companies like Airbnb have proven to have real problems when it comes to discrimination against Black customers looking for properties to rent. A 2015 article by the BBC states: “A survey of more than 6,000 hosts in five US cities concluded that names that sounded African-American were about 16% less likely to get a positive response to a request for a room when compared against white-sounding names like Brad or Kristen.”

Bookroomonline.com is not only here to expand your horizons but also guarantee that the booking process is simple and easy, without all of the extra questions that come with “being Black while traveling.” 

The agency is currently working on a partnership with the National African-American Music Museum in Nashville, Tennessee. This partnership would ensure that after a customer buys a ticket to the museum, they will be able to immediately make reservations for hotels in the area at a bargain.

Visit Bookroomonline.com today to help plan your next trip.

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