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Are you G.O.O.D.? Louisiana woman’s self-help book tackles various health issues

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“I’ve faced turmoil and financial hardship in my past, which has given me fortitude and a new outlook on life. With this new outlook, I’ve been able to define my purpose, pursue my goals and help others to do so along the way. My mission is to serve with my treasure, time and talents to unfold untapped potential in people from all walks of life,” she said. So how can you make sure that you’re G.O.O.D.? McCormick-Johnson says it takes three things: prayer, praise and practice. She said, “Only God can help us to overcome some of the problems we face. That’s where prayer comes in. Whether or not our prayers are answered, we should give thanks. That’s where praise comes in. Out of every mistake we make or problem we encounter, we should learn a lesson. That’s where practice comes in.” “In our daily walk, we should apply what we’ve learned and strive to become better. If you’re not making self-improvement, then you can never say you’re good,” she added. She also provides readers with what she calls the formula for life—“Give More + Expect Less = Minimum to Zero Stress.” “Life has taught me a hard lesson about myself that I would not want to repeat,” McCormick-Johnson said. “Sometimes, we blame external factors for our problems and believe that anyone or anything other than ourselves should change. I realized some things or people you just cannot change, but you can change yourself or your surroundings and walk away with peace of mind.” Click here to learn more about McCormick-Johnson and to purchase her book.]]>

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