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She Launched A Tea Company At 9-Years-Old

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Brayisha Avery was always fond of spending time with her grandmother; her grandma also introduced her to her favorite drink, tea. Brayisha doesn’t just love a cup of warm tea, the elementary school student from Kansas City also started a company to sell it. ‘Grandma’s Tea’ is a non-caffeinated tea made for kids. “Bray” sells USDA certified organic teas that moms can feel good about their kids drinking.

Bray’s grandmother once gave her a tea as a remedy for her cold and surprisingly, it worked. That kicked off her love affair with tea, from an early age. Bray isn’t just a cute face pushing a brand but in fact, she actually packs the teas herself. Having watched her mom’s example of entrepreneurship, Bray was inspired to start her own company and based on the love she had for tea, could think of no better venture to pursue. Grandma’s Tea has a website and social media accounts to market its products.

Entrepreneurship isn’t for adults and it isn’t for kids — entrepreneurship is for everyone. Brayisha felt no particular need to wait until she finished college to start her business, even at the age of 9 she felt the time was right. What’s your excuse for not pursuing your passion? The time is always right to become an entrepreneur!

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D'Juan Hopewell
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