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This Life Coach and Martial Arts Master Wants to Help You Reach Your Full Potential

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Sifu Karl Romain isn’t your average life coach. 

He’s overcome unbelievable obstacles, competed in international martial arts competitions, and he’s even made appearances on television shows like Dr. Oz and Oprah. After devoting nearly 20 years to helping people from all walks of life transform their lives, Romain is now focused on helping our community overcome personal challenges, given the hardships caused by COVID-19 and racism. 

“Roughly thirteen percent of the U.S. population identify as Black. But 16% of Black people identify as having had a mental health issue over the last year that’s more than Philly, Boston and New York combined. But sometimes we don’t go for the help that we need,” Romain said. 

According to Romain, whether you’re facing physical limitations, mental troubles, or even external forces from racism to recessions, it all comes down to transforming your life into the life you want. And that transformation starts from within yourself, he says. 

In addition to life coaching, Romain is a decorated martial artist who overcame adversity to accomplish his goal of becoming a world champion by age 22. He was in his prime when he was involved in a tragic car accident that doctors claimed would rob him of the ability to ever compete again. Fortunately, Romain ignored that observation and resumed training. He went on to achieve his goal, competing on the world stage at 22. 

“I realized that I was saved so that I can help other people. As a coach that’s what I do. I help people transform thinking so that they can break through.”

To date, Romain has published 5 books in the areas of self-help and martial arts, including the bestseller, Unbreakable, which chronicles his six principles of success. 

For new clients, Romain offers a free masterclass where he outlines the 6 secrets you need to know to transform your life. After the seminar, attendees can sign up for a complimentary 30-min session with Romain to assess whether enrolling in his 6-week program would be beneficial for you. 

“The [program] is 6 sessions. Within those 6 sessions you experience a difference,” he said.

Romain says that over the past year, he has noticed an uptick in inquiries from other Black people. It’s a change he’s excited to see. 

“I’m getting more and more Black clients because they can see someone like themselves on the other side,” he said. “If you’re driving a car, and you’re constantly looking in the rearview mirror, you’re going to crash. Doing this kind of work, it helps us move forward.” 

Take Sifu Karl Romain’s masterclass here.

Learn more about his story here. 

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