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HomeFamily & RelationshipsSimilar to wealth, Black Love is generational too!

Similar to wealth, Black Love is generational too!

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My great-grandparents: James & Irene Stills[/caption] Black Love is no different, and those same principles apply. My great-grandparents were married for nearly 55 years. Of course, they had ups and downs, trials and tribulations; but their love was nothing short of real. My father, who spent endless amounts of time with them, has always shared specific stories and events that he remembers about their marriage. Some funny, some disturbing, but most importantly all of them had hidden, loving messages. Similar to sharing business tips and success stories, we need to share love and relationship testimonies as well. Of course, everyone has experienced different things in their relationships and some information may not apply to everyone; however, sharing best practices regarding marriage and commitment amongst the Black community can only help us in the long run. Although my parents never married each other, they both have been married over 15 years and I was fortunate enough to get two amazing step-parents out of the deal. I am extremely blessed to have four individuals to talk to for advice and marriage tips. Four months into my own marriage, I’m realizing that Black Love can be just as generational as wealth. Seeing is believing, and we need to see and share more positive Black Love stories. If we continue to uplift our Black relationships, share stories and marriage information with our brothers and sisters, we can preserve Black Love generation after generation.]]>

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