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Social Responsibility: 3 Films On Black Wealth

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Social Responsibility As members of the Black community, it is our social responsibility to uplift it and improve upon the foundation that has been laid before us. Although Black history doesn’t begin with slavery, our experiences in this country do. Like our ancestors who improved upon our community despite the adversities they faced, now we must further their efforts. How do we improve?   Responsibility, social responsibility There are different ways to ameliorate the Black community. Providing a service is a great way to improve something. A service, however, is equivocal. I don’t own a restaurant or a store, nor have I created a product that would benefit our community. But I can provide a different type of service which is also valuable. I am a Writer. Prior to blogging, my invariant goal was to write for the betterment of my people. The utilization of my skills enables me to fulfill my social responsibility to our community. Like-mindedly, the filmmakers on this list used their talents to promote awareness of We Buy Black’s theme; Black economics. **Disclaimer — although I support certain aspects of the following films, I do not support dialog that is pernicious to the Black community (e.g. n****r and b***h)**

3. Boyz n the Hood

Black Film, Black Filmmaker, John Singleton John Singleton wrote and directed the 1991 cult classic film starring Laurence Fishburne, Cuba Gooding, Jr., Morris Chestnut, and Ice Cube. This story is about a young man’s journey growing up in South Central, Los Angeles and attempting to defy the stereotypical castes unwarrantedly bestowed upon us. After taking the S.A.T exam, Tre (Gooding) and Ricky (Chestnut) visit Tre’s father, Furious (Fishburne) at his place of business — Furious Financial Services. Furious takes Tre and Ricky to a billboard that shows housing development plans. Furious speaks about gentrification and how the power of the dollar is requisite to the survival and stability of the Black community.

2. Malcolm X

Spike Lee, Black Film, Black Filmmaker The release of Spike Lee’s 1992 filmic adaptation of The Autobiography of Malcolm X As Told To Alex Haley, starring Denzel Washington and Angela Bassett, inspired many members of our community to embrace their Blackness. Lee’s film (but also Malcolm X’s life in general) exhibits the importance of Black economics. Perhaps you’ve read Malcolm X’s autobiography or have seen the filmic adaptation. If you have, then hopefully you were able to take away significant points of importance. Among his many plans to improve the Black community, Malcolm X always spoke about the importance of Black economics. Since Lee’s adaptation encapsulates Malcolm’s emphasis on Black economics, this film is number two on our list.

1. Black Coffee

Black Coffee was written, directed, and produced by self-taught Black filmmaker Mark Harris. This film starring Darrin Dewitt Henson, Gabrielle Dennis, and Christian Keys — among a list of other stars — aired on BET in January 2014. I personally remember being glued to the television watching with such enthusiasm. As Robert (Henson) is transitioning from one phase in his life to the next, he tries to figure out his next move. As he consults his next move with his cousin Julian (Keys), Julian encourages Robert to go into business for himself. In the process of encouraging Robert, Julian informs him about the power of the Black dollar and Black Wall Street.

The Message

You’re all encouraged — and hopefully now inspired — to watch the films listed above. Beyond that, however, learn all that you can about the power of Black economics. Learn about why it is crucial that the Black dollar circulates throughout our community for longer periods of time.]]>

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