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Soothe Body Pain and Heal Naturally With Dr. Wells Products

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If you’re looking for a Black-owned, all-natural wellness brand with products that work, look no further than Dr. Wells Products.

From supplements and herbs to skincare and homeopathic remedies, Dr. Wells Products is a brand that’s passionate about creating all-natural solutions, backed by science, that help everyday people feel their best.

Dr. Wells Products offers teas, body creams, and CBD products all designed to relieve common symptoms and ailments.

The company’s best-seller is the Dr. Wells Magic Cream – an all-natural pain cream that provides instant relief. Powered by organic ingredients like camphor oil, menthol, and magnesium sulfate, Dr. Wells Magic Cream works by improving blood circulation and reducing inflammation.

The Magic Cream and all of the brand’s signature formulas were created by Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner Dr. Sherian Wells. She holds nearly 22 certifications in different holistic health specialties and crafts each product in response to real issues that she sees her clients suffer from.

“I would have people who would come to me for women’s health issues and skin issues, looking for relief. So I would make products that would help their specific ailments,” she said.

Dr. Sherian Wells, owner Dr. Wells Products

Wells created her best-selling Magic Cream several years ago when her mother was facing knee replacement surgery as suggested by her doctor. After seeing her mother take cortisone shots, Wells thought, “we’re not doing this,” and began developing the recipe for her Magic Cream. Her mother began using the cream and within no time, her inflammation and pain decreased. Ultimately, her mother was disqualified from needing the surgery.

In addition to the Magic Cream, Dr. Wells Products sells powerful herbal teas like the Allergy Assist Tea which relieves sinus pressure, the Stress Relief Tea which helps with mood, and the Cold and Cough Tea which helps boost your immunity.

Wells says she is committed to helping our communities heal naturally and serve as a resource for those who understand the value of an alternative opinion.

“I feel like a lot of times with healthcare in this day and age, natural remedies are forgotten or overlooked or they’re just downplayed and I really hope to be a resource for people,” Wells said. “I just know that’s my purpose, and I do it well.”

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