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Soothe Your Chronic Pain with ALittlePeace, a Restorative Healing Company

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If you’re one of the millions of people battling scalp eczema, muscle, and joint pain, or stress, then ALittlePeace has an entire self-care line designed for you. Niki Love and her daughter, Samiyah, founded the therapeutic brand three years ago with the goal of healing.

ALittlePeace products, which are all-natural and contain no steroids or preservatives, include the Eczema Care Collection, the Hair Care Collection, the Skin Care Collection, and the Herbal Tea Collection. Every product Love creates reflects a health issue she has had to deal with. Her products have helped her, so she wants to help others, too.

It all began when Love, a holistic medicine enthusiast and former scalp eczema sufferer herself, set out to create a product to treat her condition. When she couldn’t find a product that worked, she created the Eczema Scalp Treatment, which is now a bestseller along with the Eczema Shampoo and Eczema Scalp Oil. After Love discovered she could make her own products and heal herself, she extended her talent to skincare and even herbal teas.  

“Every product I created is based on a need for myself, family, and even customers,” Love expressed.

The brand’s Skin Care Collection features a foot oil and two hemp butters: Achy Muscles & Tension and Anti-Anxiety & Stress. The Bliss Foot Oil was one of Love’s first products made with her husband in mind and is excellent for people working long shifts on their feet. Love made the hemp butters to relieve her own stress and pain. As someone who has torn ligaments in her knees, Love found that the achy muscles formula helps soothe her pain. The anti-anxiety formula is designed to help people manage the daily stress of life. 

Customers, too, have found relief with Love’s products. A few customers with fibromyalgia and Multiple Sclerosis noted that the Achy Muscles & Tension butter not only helped manage their pain, but restore some of those damaged nerves and muscles. 

“Wonderful, relieving, and a comfort to the skin. I need more,” customer J.S wrote.

“Body butter is very relaxing and calming. I have fibromyalgia and I use this cream on my joints,” Linda commented. 

“We know how challenging life can sometimes be, so we want you to have a little peace. We are invested in helping hearts heal and relieve stress and anxiety of everyday life by supporting the body’s natural healing process to encourage synergy, harmony, and balance with natural and organic ingredients,” Love emphasized. 

Shop ALittlePeace products today and begin the healing process – naturally.

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