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SPRAISE Boasts Clean, Luxurious Body Care

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Dominique Boseman is a business owner that doesn’t just want you to love her products — she wants you to love yourself.

Beauty products are notoriously anxiety producing. From soaps to lotions to creams, most skin care companies thrive by perpetuating the idea that women can’t be beautiful or desirable without excessive use of their products that are often filled with harmful, toxic ingredients.

Now, SPRAISE, a Black woman-owned brand, is here to challenge the status quo with all-natural, luxury skin care products that affirm the buyer’s beauty — inside and out.

SPRAISE is the creation of former human rights attorney Dominique Boseman. She created the brand after discovering a skin care recipe that cured her of eczema, and expanded the line to include other skin care goodies like scrubs and soaps.

SPRAISE founder, Dominique Boseman

“Body care is important,” says Boseman. “I wanted to create a company that was created on great products but that also spoke to the authenticity of who we are. Also, when you’re using the products, it’s a moment of skin praise. It’s a moment of self care and that’s what praise is to me.”

Although beauty and human rights law seem like they are worlds apart, for Boseman, SPRAISE is an extension of her commitment to making the world a better place. For example, each product includes an “Ode to Self”, or positive affirmation that women can reflect upon and say to themselves as they are using the products.

Sometimes, improving the world means making things more convenient — something that doesn’t immediately come to mind when thinking of natural products. However, Boseman’s newest product offering is just that — a spray-on lotion named Glory Mist, crafted with moms and other busy women in mind.

SPRAISE’s best-selling Almond Body Vow

“I found that people really loved the body vow so they were using it sparingly. So we wanted to create a product that was quicker and easier. A lot of us are moms or just busy with life so the lotion spray is an answer for that.”

SPRAISE also prides itself on offering women skin care products that are “healthy and holistic, but also chic and luxury.” Their bestselling cream, Almond Body Vow, is a shea butter-based soufflé that boasts premium ingredients like, almond, avocado and coconut oils and comes in attractive, high-end packaging.

“My goal is to have a brand that empowers women not only in beauty choices but in their lives holistically, Boseman said.

SPRAISE Company Website: https://www.spraise.com/

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