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Spread Hope and Abundance With Blessings on Layaway

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Blessings on Layaway wants you to prepare for abundance. The faith-based brand started as a collection of writings, short stories, and poems by artist and writer Safiyyah. Her musings evolved into a message of hope, imploring you to prepare for abundance as you walk through life. 

“The goal is to establish Paradise in the heart, mind, and soul. Let go of what no longer serves you and strive to be the best human being you can be,” Safiyyah said.

To spread the message, Blessings on Layaway is selling its cozy crewneck sweaters, hoodies, and t-shirts, as well as many more branded items like masks and bags. Safiyyah started this project because she wants people to know what is in store for them if they let go and believe in the path already set for them.

“Blessings on Layaway is here to make sure you align with your assignment,” Safiyyah added. “Sometimes we pursue things that are good, but God will show you, ‘this is not where I want you’ and you have to switch gears and ultimately find peace with that. Blessings on Layaway means that your blessings are right around the corner, and you need to patiently persevere until you get there.”

Safiyyah knows a lot about aligning with her spiritual assignment. In addition to founding the Blessings on Layaway brand, she also publishes a companion Blessings on Layaway podcast where she shares more of her poetic thoughts on spirituality and abundance. She has also founded an app for Muslim creative professionals and is a graduate of NC A&T State University. 

Blessings on Layaway is a call to action to start using tools like prayer, positive affirmations, and the law of attraction to place you in the life that was meant for you. By providing you with the tools to make it happen, like their journals, tees, hoodies and more, Safiyyah hopes, you will be reminded to walk in alignment with your true purpose. 

Start your journey to abundance today and shop Blessings on Layaway.

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