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Start Planning Your 2023 Vacations With This Black-owned Travel Agency

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With the pandemic starting to lighten up, you may be itching to take a trip and get back to some type of normalcy. Or, you could have a classic case of wanderlust. Either way, Noire Escapes, a Black-owned travel agency, is ready to help you relax, unwind, and have the trip of a lifetime.

Founder Anita Mitchell started the agency to promote travel among Black people. She believes that vacation is a form of self-care, especially in a culture that prioritizes work over wellness.

In fact, year after year, millions of days of PTO go unused in the United States. Mitchell wants people to take their PTO and travel, especially Black people.

She started in the travel industry as a blogger with her Travel is D’new Black blog, where she documented her national and international trips and shared travel tips.

In 2018, she went to an industry conference and met the host, where she discussed her blog and extensive travels over brunch. By the end of brunch, the host asked if Anita would plan a trip for them. Anita, who hadn’t started Noire Escapes, was a little intimidated by the request, which seriously got her to consider starting a travel business.

Mitchell’s friends and family were constantly reaching out for hotel and destination recommendations. Realizing that she has a knack for putting together amazing trips, she launched Noire Escapes in 2019.

Today, Mitchell has a platform with over 27,000 followers.

If you’re ready to hop on a flight to somewhere tropical, Noire Escapes has two trips remaining for 2022:

Jamaica on Sept. 1, 2022

and Aruba on Nov. 10, 2022.

Next year, in 2023, the agency has five exotic escapes scheduled:

Bali and Indonesia on Aug. 30 – Sept 7, 2023

South Africa on June 17-25, 2023

and Greece on October 5-13, 2023.

These trips will stop in multiple cities and have itineraries full of cultural experiences.

Book your trip with Noire Escapes today!

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