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Stay Active with SHEletics’ Comfortable and Empowering Fitness Apparel

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SHEletics is a Black-owned fitness apparel brand that provides comfortable workout wear for women of all shapes, sizes, and ages. The brand’s mission encourages all women to get active, no matter the activity.

The SHEletics line includes sweatshirts and t-shirts featuring slogans for physical activities like running, biking, boxing, dancing, golfing, and skating. The sayings all end with the brand’s signature-her (I am a runHer.)

Founder Timika Massey started the athleisure brand in 2015 after running her first marathon, where she noticed the apparel being sold at the event was not inclusive and mainly designed for men. There were men and women of all body types at the race, so Massey knew she had to do something about this.

Although the lack of inclusivity sparked the idea for SHEletics, that is not what inspired Massey to start running and become more active. The brand’s mission is credited to Massey’s good friend Kabibi, who sadly passed away from cancer in 2014. Kabibi was the active friend in their group. After every night out, Kabibi would run the following day. Massey was always impressed by Kabibi’s dedication to fitness, and soon enough, she started to run with Kabibi.

Sometime later, after Massey decided to run a half marathon, she learned that Kabibi was diagnosed with stage four stomach cancer. This news was shocking and sad, but Massey knew she had to continue her training for Kabibi.

During her training, Massey decided that she wanted Kabibi to be at the marathon to see what she encouraged Massey to accomplish. Unfortunately, just one week before the marathon, Kabibi passed away.

“… And from that point on, every race I was in was for Kabibi,” Massey said. “I’ve run 13 half marathons since then, and in each one, I wore a flower that represented Kabibi along with a sign that said: I run for Kabibi.”

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