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Stay Healthy and Feel Your Best With 504Moss’ All Natural Sea Moss

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504Moss is a Black-owned business providing high-quality, handcrafted sea moss drinks, gel, and raw sea moss. 

Sea moss is a spiny, sea vegetable that is harvested, dried, and then prepared into a gel or used in recipes. Sea moss is believed to be a powerhouse of beneficial minerals and vitamins and people who use sea moss claim that it can help almost anyone improve their overall health. The potential benefits of sea moss range from boosting immunity and supporting heart health to promoting good digestion and improving metabolism. This little-known sea plant is also said to help ease joint pain, promoting mental and emotional health.

However, when it comes to the taste of sea moss, the plant’s fishy, mineral-heavy taste is often a challenge for many people. 504Moss changes that by providing flavored sea moss drinks made with fruits and other sea plants like blue spirulina. According to customer reviews, the brand also has non-flavored sea moss drinks that taste just as good. 

“Let me say that this is by far the best tasting sea moss I’ve ever had. I was pleasantly surprised by how good it tasted,” customer Jason wrote. 

504Moss’ products are all made from high-quality sea moss. The brand’s products include four sea moss drinks; Strawberry, Mango, Blue Spriulalia, and the Gold Sea Moss. They also offer the Full Spectrum Sea Moss Gel, the Raw Sea Moss Gold, and the Full Spectrum Sea Moss Wildcrafted. Johnson recommends 504Moss’ Full Spectrum Sea Moss Gel to anyone with low iron or anemia or thyroid issues because of the gel’s high amount of iron, potassium, and magnesium. 

The business was started a little over two months ago by William Johnson as a way to help others discover the benefits of sea moss. Johnson was inspired to start the business after serving in the U.S. Army. Military service had taken a toll on his body, leaving him with lasting aches and pains. He wanted a long-term solution that would not only take away his pain but also benefit his health — and sea moss turned out to be that solution.  

 “When I was living in Atlanta after the army, I was kinda banged up and out of shape and my co-worker at the time ended up introducing me to sea moss,” said Johnson. 

However, after Johnson moved to El Paso for school, he couldn’t find sea moss as easily as before. The minute he found more, he started implementing it into his diet again and saw real change. This inspired him to help others discover this renewed feeling of health. 504Moss is currently based in El Paso, Texas, but soon plans to relocate to Atlanta, Georgia. 

Visit 504Moss today and save 15% off until October 2nd, 2021

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