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Stay Healthy and Safe With Elderberry Supplements from Rell-Brook

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As children head back to school and winter looms, keep your family’s immune system strong with the wide range of elderberry products from Black-owned Rell-Brook House of Naturals

Rell-Brook sells all-natural products containing elderberry — an ancient superfood packed with Vitamin C, antioxidants, and is believed to protect the body from colds and flus. As a folk remedy, elderberry has been used for centuries and is gaining popularity as more people turn to naturally derived supplements to help with physical ailments. 

When you shop with Rell-Brook, you can find elderberry teas, syrups, gummies, and even elderberry lemonade — all from a Black woman-owned business. 

Owner Janese McCutchen discovered the power of elderberries after she was diagnosed with lupus nephritis in 2017. McCutchen’s doctors said she would need chemotherapy to treat the disease, but warned her that in the process, her immune system would take a big hit — leaving her vulnerable to even the most benign of germs. 

Instead of feeling defeated, McCutchen began researching natural immune-boosting foods and herbs when she learned about elderberries. She started making her own elderberry syrups at home and began taking it daily as well as giving the syrup to her family. McCutchen says she made it through chemotherapy without any infections or colds, plus her husband and children remained healthy all year as well. 

“I made a syrup and began taking it through chemo and I didn’t get any infections or anything,” McCutchen said. “So I thought, ‘let me try this on my husband and children.’ Well, now we don’t get colds. We haven’t bought cold medicine in years in my house.”

Today, Rell Brook’s best-selling products are the elderberry tea bags – a caffeine-free escape that contains just elderberry, rose hips, ginger, and cloves;  the elderberry gummies –  great for both kids and adults, these vegan treats have only 5g of sugar; and the elderberry lemonade – organic and packed with vitamin c from the fresh lemon juice used to make each bottle, this refreshing drink is a fan favorite. Luckily, Rell Brook sells product bundles that allow you to try many products at one time. 

Try Rell Brook’s Elderberry Products Today

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