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Stay Safe This Winter With Obsidian Herbal Health’s Black Seed Oil Gummies

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Black seed oil has many health benefits ranging from protecting hair and skin to fighting cancer and promoting liver health. However, black seed oil is also known for its strong bitter taste – a characteristic that often discourages people from implementing it in their diets. Now, Black-owned Obsidian Herbal Health’s black seed oil gummies give health-conscious people a tasty alternative to their traditional regimen.

Obsidian Herbal Health is an innovative gummy supplement company focused on leveraging the benefits and effectiveness of black seed oil combined with select herbal, fruit, vitamin, and mineral activities, to help people include black seed oil in their diet without hesitation or struggle.

“Our primary focus is to bring you the best tasting and most effective black seed oil gummies you’ve ever tasted,” owner Ureka Washington said.

Washington has a  biology degree and is an alternative medicine coach who created the business with the help of her six children. Washington has been taking black seed oil for years for her asthma symptoms but found that it helped protect her immune system during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Despite her own love for black seed oil, Washington always understood that the taste of black seed oil was always a problem for other people. One day while trying to take her oil, she decided to take some organic gummies at the same time. That was the day she realized the solution to black seed oil’s strong taste and she began working on her business immediately. 

“It was after much trial and error that the idea of adding black seed oil to a gummy formulation was born. It was a eureka moment!” 

The Obsidian Herbal Health team is staffed with doctors, experienced herbalists and health coaches. The gummies are engineered with BTQ2™ Ethiopian and Turkish Black Seed Oils and other essential vitamins like zinc, elderberry, and vitamin D2. Obsidian Herbal Health also uses high-quality black seed oil that is guaranteed to contain over 3.3% Thymoquinone. Thymoquinone is a phytochemical compound; it is the most active and abundant antioxidant constituent present in the black seed; It exhibits excellent antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, anticancer, and other prominent biological activities.

“Our goal is to make it easy and convenient to include black seed oil in your total health regime,” Washington stated.

Order Obsidian Herbal Health’s black seed oil gummies today.

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