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Stop Hair Loss and Retain Length With This Black Doctor’s Proven Formula

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Whether she’s natural, relaxed, loves wigs, or rocks a fade, almost every Black woman has a defining hair story. For Dr. Alison Mitchell, creator of Renewed Hair Co., her defining hair story began with sparse edges and thinning hair, and ended with the restoration of her beautiful curls and a line of natural products that promise hair success for all who use them.

Renewed Hair Co. founder Dr. Alison Mitchell

“Once I developed the elixir, it really was a game changer for the growth of my hair,” Mitchell said, speaking of her proprietary blend of herbs and oils.

Today, Renewed Hair Co. offers a full hair renewal system, including a shampoo, conditioner, hair supplements, and of course, the oil blend that launched the business and restored Mitchell’s edges, the Renewing Hair Elixir. The elixir is an all-natural blend based on the 5,000-year-old Indian system of natural healing called Ayurveda.

While Mitchell admits that her first foray into hair care was an experiment fueled by frustration, it wasn’t simply a shot in the dark. Mitchell developed her initial hair elixir while in medical school. Rather than searching the internet for answers, she used the resources she had available to comb through clinical studies and medical literature to understand the causes behind hair loss.

“I realized that I was using a lot of products that were catered to people with a different hair porosity,” she said, speaking about one of the elements she learned plays a huge role in how hair responds to products and styling.

Renewed Hair Co.’s products are formulated with a sensitivity to hair porosity in mind, and you can select products based on your hair’s porosity level. The company’s website has a convenient quiz that can help you determine where your hair falls on the spectrum of porosity.

On average, Mitchell says customers can expect to see results in the first two weeks of using the company’s products. She recommends using the products weekly and when styling hair throughout the week, between treatments.

“Our mission is to help revitalize and restore your God-given hair using nature’s best products that aren’t harmful and produce long lasting results.”

Shop Renewed Hair Co. here.

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