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Survivor Provides Global Exploration for Underprivileged Children

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The Sightseeing with Sandy book series is the perfect way to introduce your children to different cultures from all around the world — without ever having to leave home!

Created by mother-daughter duo Shambrekia Wise and Sandiya Badmus, the Sightseeing with Sandy book series takes readers of all ages on fun and exciting adventures that teach history, culture, and geography with every turn of the page.

After Wise’s unfortunate multiple sclerosis diagnosis in 2015 and a partially paralyzing relapse in 2016 which prevented her from even holding a pen, Wise promised herself upon a full recovery she would live life to the fullest. But she wouldn’t do so alone. Since she knew this potentially debilitating disease was completely unpredictable, she wanted to make sure she experienced the world with her little girl as much as possible.

Their first trip was to Los Angeles and on the flight, Sandiya noticed there were hardly any children who looked like her. After Shambrekia explained the barriers that may keep some kids from traveling, Sandy became determined to find a way for all kids to travel the world. Sightseeing with Sandy would be her answer.

Two years and four published books later, children from all over the world can go on excursions with the series’ main characters, Sandy and Zooma, to the Bahamas, Paris, Jamaica, and even North Africa!

Along with their Director of Marketing, Sarina Wagle, the mother-daughter duo is extremely excited about their subscription box that launches on September 9, 2022, for presale. Boxes can contain interactive learning materials, wearable gear, colorful books, and much more for families to enjoy.

Wise, who’s passionate about traveling and motherhood, says it’s important for children to travel the world for two reasons: so they can immerse themselves in other cultures and familiarize themselves with people who are different from them.

“The more we expose our kids to people and experiences that are not a part of our norm, the more we can help them be respectful, understanding, and appreciate others for their differences instead of questioning them,” says Wise.

She also believes it’s especially important for Black children to travel, as black children are among a group labeled as least likely to travel.

Wise and Badmus have put countless hours into researching, writing, and designing the series. For their latest release, The Great Kings of the Nile, the two worked intimately with University of Michigan archaeologist Dr. Geoff Emberling and Italian archaeologist Dr. Francesa Iannarilli for over a year to ensure the journey of traveling The Nile was entertaining, educational, and immersive.

While traveling with children can be rewarding, Wise also knows that it can be challenging, so she offered these tips:

  • Don’t get a rental car at the airport. Instead, choose a car service like Uber or Lyft to avoid long wait times and added airport fees. If a rental is needed, think about picking one up off-site to avoid those extra airport fees.
  • Have downloadable content ready for children to watch to keep them entertained.
  • Have plenty of snacks.
  • Try to grab a non-stop flight, but if a layover can’t be helped, make sure your carry-on has the necessities you and your little ones may need.
  • If affordable, consider a lounge membership for you and your littles. Here you can often eat, relax, access free Wi-Fi, and even rest if your lounge has pods.
  • Check on perks offered through both your credit cards and your debit cards. In some cases, users may have perks such as access to museums and art galleries at no additional cost.

Wise’s blog has more tips and hacks for traveling with small children.

You can purchase Sightseeing with Sandy books on Amazon. The subscription book kit will be available in September, so subscribe to the newsletter and be the first to learn when it drops. And be sure to connect with Shambrekiá and Sandy on YouTube and Instagram to see where they’ll go next.

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