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Take Care of Your Skin With Vegan Skincare From Bodi Veganz

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If you’re looking for Black-owned, natural and vegan alternatives to your everyday skincare, like lotion and soap, Bodi Veganz has a full line of luxurious, chemical-free skincare products that will make you wonder why you ever bothered with traditional brands. 

As Black people, we pride ourselves on looking and smelling good. But have you ever flipped over your favorite bottle of lotion to take a look at the label? Bodi Veganz wants us all to be more conscious of what we are putting on our skin — the body’s largest organ. All of the brand’s products are handcrafted with no chemicals, alcohols, chlorides, parabens, or harmful additives. 

“We research to make sure that all the ingredients in our products are non-carcinogenic and comedogenic,” Bodi Veganz owner Adrian Morrow said.

Some of Bodi Veganz’ bestsellers include the Naked Lotion, the Cane Sugar & Coffee Scrub, and the Earth’s Potion Oil Blend, a face, body, and hair oil. The brand’s lotions are made with ingredients like mango butter, shea butter, grapeseed oil, and babassu oil (a coconut oil alternative), all aimed at protecting and moisturizing the skin. Each variety of lotion comes in various scents based on natural, essential fragrances like Spearmint + Lavender. Alternatively, the brand also carries non-scented versions of its lotion blends for those who may have more sensitive skin.

Bodi Veganz takes its commitment to non-toxic, vegan products seriously and understands that just because something is natural does not always mean it’s safe. Morrow says that there are a lot of “natural” products on the market with ingredients that may seem good for your skin, but aren’t. 

“For instance, a lot of people don’t know that coconut oil and cocoa butter are highly comedogenic, and they use it in their hair and skin, not knowing it is very likely to clog your pores,” Morrow explained.

While Morrow understands the hesitation to put down your coconut oil or cocoa butter, it might be causing problems like acne, boils, and blackheads, especially if you have sensitive skin. He says a better alternative would be an oil like shea butter which has a low comedogenic level. 

Shop Bodi Veganz today and protect your skin!

Use code BV2021 at checkout for a discount.

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