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This Tax Strategist Knows How to Save You Thousands

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Michel Valbrun is a CPA, tax strategist, and owner of The Valbrun Group — and he wants you to stop waiting until tax time to think about your tax obligation.

“Overall so many people are focused on tax prep. What a lot of people are missing out on is proactive tax planning before the year is over. Many entrepreneurs are not taking advantage and planning to save themselves money,” Valbrun told We Buy Black.

Unless you’re a CPA, the last thing you want to think about before you have to is taxes. But according to Valbrun, you can’t afford not to.

“I always ask people, ‘take a look at your life and really think about what’s your largest expense’,” he said. “Typically people say car, mortgage, children … things like that. But, if you break it down, taxes are your single largest expense. When you make money, you pay income tax, when you buy something, you pay sales tax, when you buy property you pay property tax …”

Valbrun says that when it’s all totaled, for most of us, about 50% of our money goes to taxes. And if you don’t have a solid plan in place and a CPA who is focused on saving you money instead of just going through the motions, you’re letting your hard earned money slip right through your fingers and into the hands of the IRS.

Michel Valbrun, owner of Valbrun Group

“The biggest tax people are paying is ignorance tax … leading you to overpay in taxes and putting your business and personal assets at risk.”

However, Valbrun says that protecting your assets isn’t as easy as waltzing down to the nearest tax business, paperwork in hand. Why? He says that most CPAs are solely focused on tax prep. In fact, he says they focus solely on tax prep because that is typically all they are taught in school, and therefore, all they know. Valbrun decided to take a different route after a chance encounter made him feel like he could do a better job serving clients.

“I was helping someone doing their taxes … At the end of it they asked me what they need to do proactively to save taxes on next year. And I didn’t know. That’s not something they teach you in school. It’s focused on working a corporate job and corporate responsibilities. So I had to do a lot of self learning.”

Now, Valbrun has a thriving tax practice called Valbrun Group where he focuses solely on helping individuals and entrepreneurs proactively plan to save the most money possible on taxes. He offers tax planning, courses on tax wealth, and he has also distilled his knowledge into a book.

This past year, Valbrun has saved his clients over $9 million dollars.

“I was working with a client and they were doing well over 2 million in their business,” Valbrun said, describing his biggest success to date. “They were working with a CPA for years, paying them thousands of dollars. The CPA did not proactively teach them how to save money on taxes. They brought me on to take a look at their business and I was able to identify how they can save over $60K in taxes. It was gratifying knowing the relief that brought and how they were able to use that extra money in their business.”

Learn more about Valbrun Group’s services and other offerings here: https://valbrungroup.com/

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