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These 5 Organic Sauces From Shaleafa’s Kitchen Will Elevate Any Meal

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Flavorful, sustainable, healthy, and Black-owned – what’s more to love about Shaleafa’s Kitchen, a farm-to-table, zero-waste concept restaurant located in Washington, D.C.? The brand’s handcrafted and delicious sauces, of course!

Shaleafa’s Kitchen focuses on inspiring and encouraging healthy lifestyles for Black people nationwide. And for a lot of Black people, that starts with the food we eat. 

Owners Chef K and Kief Kusher want to challenge the narrative of healthy food being bland by providing flavorful and delicious alternatives to the classics. They like to describe the restaurant as “healthy food with a twist, inspired by flavors from around the world…food that is fun, innovative, and soulful.

The brand has five organic and hand-crafted sauces including Jerkyaki, Sweet Herb, Toasted Mustard, Turn up the Heat, and Chilli Oil. The Jerkyaki sauce, that Chef K describes as “a little spicy but well rounded,” the sauce is a combination of the brand’s in-house jerk seasoning and teriyaki. The Sweet Herb Sauce is a blend of fresh herbs like basil and the brand’s signature spices.

The Toasted Mustard Sauce, Chef K’s favorite, is a blend of three different mustards, toasted mustard, and sesame seeds finished off with smoke. The two best sellers are the Turn Up the Heat Honey, which is fresh Thai chili and organic honey, and The Chilli Oil, which is a combination of fresh Thai chili, Thai basil, garlic, and olive oil.

Grilled Chicken Jerkyaki Pineapple Bowl from Shaleafa’s Kitchen

Shaleafa’s Kitchen sauces are made in small batches and can be used as marinades, dressings, and dipping sauces. The sauces are shelf stable and last up to a year.

“We are sauce people, we love to accentuate foods and make them more vibrant and flavorful,” Chef K expressed. 

Chef K’s decision to live a holistic lifestyle is intensely personal. Her grandmother’s victory against cancer changed Chef K’s perception of healthy eating. So when she vowed to change her diet, she wanted to make sure she could still enjoy cooking and, most importantly, eating the food she cooked. Now she shares her love of healthy food with the world.

Before starting Shaleafa’s Kitchen, Chef K and Kief Kusher were known for hosting parties and events in the DMV area, where Kusher, an artist and DJ, sets the vibe and Chef K sets the table with delicious, healthy food. Their success with parties and events inspired the duo to open Shaleafa’s Kitchen.

Shaleafa’s Kitchen also caters events and delivers in the local DMV area. The restaurant also ships its sauces worldwide for those not in D.C. — those in the DMV can also pick up the sauces. 

“We make healthy food fun,” Chef K said.

Visit Shaleafa’s Kitchen and take your food to the next level!

For a limited time, order two or more sauces and get $10 off!

PLUS, DMV customers can take $5 off when ordering with GrubHub.

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