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This Black Consultant Can Help You Launch Any Business

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You know that your business idea is a good one and if you can just launch it, game over. All the thought you’ve put into your idea, however, won’t mean anything if you can’t get it off the ground. Frankly, you might need some help. How do you go about creating that product? What are the proper steps to get your company launched and serving customers? You could spend years and waste the little money you have experimenting, or jump directly to the right strategy and process, with the help of a veteran firm that has helped numerous entrepreneurs succeed. The firm is Jecha Networks, Inc. and the key to your future just might be in their business startup expertise.

How will you identify your target market? Who are your customers and how will you define the process by which you deliver your product or service to those customers? What is the best and cheapest way to figure out that the idea you have isn’t really one worth pursuing? All of these questions, individually, could take years, thousands of dollars and plenty of heartache to solve. Jecha Networks, however, is offering a distinct advantage to Black entrepreneurs who want something more. Perhaps you’re currently working a 9 to 5 but you have an idea for a product you’d like to build or a service you’d like to offer. Maybe you have a side hustle but deep down you’d like create a serious business. Jecha Networks has the experience, proven systems and track record to walk with you through your entrepreneurial journey.

Jecha Networks, Inc. is a management and technology consulting firm that assists aspiring entrepreneurs, groups, and small businesses in pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams. They can literally guide you from the concept stage of entrepreneurship — the moment that great business idea comes to you — to the product or service stage, when you actually go live and begin serving customers. That ability is quite rare. In fact, Jecha Networks created its own, proven process to help business owners move an idea all the way to market stage, using an easy, step by step approach. It’s not easy to launch a product and get it to the masses. It’s also difficult to bring any service to a customer base, whom you’ve never met. As good as your idea is, it would help tremendously if a true professional was in your corner, helping you to navigate the road to successfully launching and running your business.

Mahdi Chambers is a Howard University alum and the principal force behind Jecha Networks. After graduating from Howard with an engineering degree, Mahdi went on to do graduate studies at Cornell. He was recruited to work for Bell Laboratories, then the world leader in technology and innovation. In his 18 years there, Mahdi personally was granted patents and worked on many cutting-edge technologies such as fiber optic communications, wireless networks, and Internet/data networking before they were introduced to the mass market. He was mentored by and worked alongside other Black inventors, who helped the Internet and mobile phone technology transition from the analog to the digital age. As a result of their innovations, mobile phones can now fit in our pockets instead of a small suitcase. Mahdi also saw that many of these great inventors are never mentioned in the history books used to teach our children, thus denying them the credit for their contributions and innovations. In addition, our children do not see that these innovators look like them, which is devasting to their self-esteem.

That and his natural desire for entrepreneurship, pushed him to open his own firm, where he would be in a position to make sure Black entrepreneurs reached their fullest potential and were never denied their due.

Jecha (pronounced JEH cha) means “Sunrise, the beginning of a new day” in the Swahili African language. The name is very appropriate. Jecha Networks is helping Black entrepreneurs and their families create a new reality, from tech firms to everyday people who’d like to monetize their social media pages, just like HBCU Pride Nation did with Mahdi’s help. The company is also committed to giving back. Mahdi founded a STEM and Entrepreneurship skills training program called Hack & Hustle Social Entrepreneurship Academy (Hack & Hustle) for our youth. The program provides workforce development and paid summer internships. Jecha Networks is committed to building a stronger community and that begins with strong businesses. Your idea could change the world and Jecha Networks is the company that can help you turn it into a reality. Click here to connect with Jecha Networks, now.

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D'Juan Hopewell
D'Juan Hopewell
I care about Black Power. Period. Currently working on creating jobs and funding new startups on the South Side of Chicago and writing here and there at HopewellThought.com. Follow me @HopewellThought.
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