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This Coloring for Black Children Builds Confidence, Inspires Creativity

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Walk into any daycare or children’s classroom and you’ll probably see kids coloring and drawing. More than likely though, they’ll be coloring Disney characters and other figures that don’t always represent us. Unrivaled Supreme, a coloring book company for Black children, makes a coloring book that uplifts and inspires.

Rashida Carter, 32, initially launched an African-American adult coloring book in December 2021. It featured Black women in different careers. The response from the first book was great, so she decided to create a coloring book for young Black children. 

“I want little Black kids to know that the sky’s the limit. Don’t limit yourself because you don’t see yourself out there.”

The Unrivaled Supreme Kids Coloring Book shows Black professionals engaged in their line of work. The book includes 30 pages and features careers such as a veterinarian, farmer, astronaut, chemist, warehouse worker, and lawyer. There’s a blurb on the bottom of every page detailing what the career is, how you get into it, and how you complete the job’s tasks.

African-American Coloring Book

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Rashida made sure to include a wide range of careers that reflect roles children may see around them. The kid’s coloring book is intended for children 7-17, but children can begin coloring as soon as they can hold a writing device, sometimes as young as 12 months.

Unrivaled Supreme also has colored pencils with eight different shades of brown to reflect a wide range of skin tones.

This coloring book is a great activity for children, especially during spring break and other times when you want your children to disengage from screen time.

Children benefit from coloring mentally and physically. Coloring can improve a child’s fine motor skills and sharpen their focus. Adults benefit from coloring too, including relieving stress and promoting relaxation. 

Add this African-American coloring book to your child’s library to build their confidence and ignite their imagination!

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For the month of February, Unrivaled Supreme is highlighting one career each week. If you subscribe to their newsletter, you’ll receive the highlighted career coloring page for free. 

Get the Coloring Book Today!

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