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This Gender Reveal Game Helps Mothers Raise Money

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If you’re a parent-to-be or know someone who is, the Gender Reveal Game by Villie is the game you need to share with your friends and family. Unlike other gender unveiling activities, this game allows participants to guess the baby’s gender and submit a donation with their guess via a website. At the end of the game, parents cash out and collect the donations. 

To create a game, you simply create an account, name your game, and set your donation amount. You can upload pictures and your story as well. Then you share the game link with participants, who can play the game from anywhere in the world.

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Mother of two and founder Kimberly Jolasun got the idea while she was expecting her first child. While Kimberly had support from her family and in-laws, she knew well that other parents don’t have that same kind of help—both financial and emotional.

And as a mother with a degree in public health with a special interest in maternal health, it was important to Kimberly to create something useful for mothers. So far, the game has hosted 9,000 games and earned over a half million dollars for parents. The game allows parents to get money for items they’ll truly need and use for their baby. 

The game has been featured on Vox.com, Entrepreneur, and Mom.com. Mothers have noted how fun, interactive, and beneficial the game was for them. One mother raved, “Amazing way to get family and friends involved and raise money and make it fun by having a winner.” 

Parents can also use the Gender Reveal Game to update their loved ones about the progress of their baby. As Kimberly intended, the game creates a 

community or virtual village for expecting mothers. Not only can they raise money for their parenting needs, they can also keep their friends and family engaged along their journey.

Kimberly is also the founder of Villie, the parent company of the Gender Reveal Game. Under Villie, she’s creating other online platforms to support mothers, so stay tuned to stay updated!

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