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This Virtual Coach Will Help You Launch Your Business During Quarantine

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Where can aspiring Black entrepreneurs go for help to launch a small-business in the midst of a crisis? The coronavirus is threatening the financial stability and well-being of Black families, causing high unemployment and economic uncertainty around the country. It has also created a unique opportunity for creatives, innovators and problem solvers to capitalize on the time spent home “social distancing” by taking that business idea that has been “brewing” to the next level. While rising unemployment is leaving Black families vulnerable, now is the best time to harness that energy into fostering self-sufficiency and channeling fear into focusing on an entrepreneurial venture. “From Brewing to Doing” (FBD) is just the program to channel that energy and take those “brewing” ideas from ideation to execution, right from your home computer or mobile device. 

FBD creator Rhonnie Brewer took an idea that had been “brewing” to the next level when she founded ProGeny Place, a non-profit that helps Black aspiring entrepreneurs realize their own potential through tailored workshops, mentorship and helping them gain access to capital. A once corporate maven, Rhonnie suffered a massive stroke in 2005, causing her to lose everything. Afterwards she had trouble finding gainful employment, which led her to rebuild from the bottom up: starting as a baker all the way to a CEO. A modern day Madam C.J. Walker, as a single mother with two daughters, she started a home based business of baking cookies. She eventually opened a bakery and other profitable business with retail space. Her passion for entrepreneurship led her to create ProGency Place, an affordable entrepreneurship program to help others build and aspire to greatness using her proven model for success. Now “From Brewing to Doing” is giving those with a vision for a business the wings to launch, virtually. 

How did this all come about? Rhonnie and a group of aspiring entrepreneurs began meeting to discuss and help one another with challenges in business, from contracts to marketing, among other barriers, with Rhonnie as the liaison. Shortly thereafter, the local Chamber of Commerce contracted her to facilitate business development classes under their brand, which she did for five years. However, she realized the lack of women and other minority entrepreneurs and contractors in Memphis. Hence, she went “from brewing to doing” more to help that demographic gain a market share of the government contracts through developing a pipeline program to help them enter the market and win. 

Rhonnie enjoys helping Black entrepreneurs turn side hustles into legitimate businesses, surrounding them with the business development expertise and hands-on training they need. From learning to accessing capital, to getting certified as a minority owned enterprise or even having access to more experienced entrepreneurs for support and service program for aspiring entrepreneurs; now she is opening up her program for individuals to participate virtually.

Would you like to go “From Brewing To Doing?” instead of letting the “corona” cabin fever get the best of you? Check out rhonniebrewer.com now. The quarantine will eventually end and when it does, you’ll either be on track for generational wealth or in the same boat as you were before: the choice is yours. Take advantage of this affordable, virtual program today.

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D'Juan Hopewell
D'Juan Hopewell
I care about Black Power. Period. Currently working on creating jobs and funding new startups on the South Side of Chicago and writing here and there at HopewellThought.com. Follow me @HopewellThought.
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