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Three Must-Have Heart-Healthy Items You Need

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Recent Studies

A major stigma surrounding the Black community is that we have poor health. Studies have shown that our health is significantly worse when compared to other communities. Those studies also show that our poor health can stem from an imbalanced diet, lack of exercise, and/or poor choices, like alcohol consumption or smoking. The aforementioned factors can ultimately lead to heart disease, which is more common in our community than in any other community.


According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Black people ages 18-49 are two times more likely to die from heart disease than our White counterparts. That’s frightening to hear. That same publication by the CDC also stated that Black people are more likely to die from all forms of diseases than other races. Additionally, the same study showed that these diseases are affecting Black individuals at early ages. Despite the statistics, there are ways that we can improve our heart health.

Mayo Clinic

The Mayo Clinic recently published an article that outlines eight steps to take in order to improve heart health. The majority of these steps involve diet change. Step one, for example, is to control your portion size. Step two is to eat more fruits and vegetables. For the full list of steps, click here.


We Buy Black wants to ensure that our customers, vendors, and blog readers are as healthy as possible. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of things to help you improve your heart’s health. Check out these three items and don’t forget to browse the We Buy Black online marketplace for similar items; we have many more.

1. Heart Chakra Soy Candle

How do you feel about aromatherapy? It’s not for everyone. I wasn’t sold on it until I actually tried it. Filling your abode with certain scents can improve your health in various ways. The scent of sage, for example, wards off negative spirits and the scent of orange can decrease stress. If you’re interested in aromatherapy, then you should try this Heart Chakra Soy Candle by Blue Sage Eco Boutique. For just $30.00, this candle can help improve your heart’s health. Click here to align your chakras. Black health, heart, heart healthy, healthy heart, healthy, Black health matters, healthy Black people,

2. Smart Bracelet Fitness Tracker and Step Counter

An important way to improve your overall health is to exercise. Sometimes it’s inconvenient and you might not feel like doing it but it’s necessary. It’s also important to have your workout gear in order, so check out this Smart Bracelet Tracker and Step Counter by Kings Market. Choose from either black, blue, purple, or pink bands and keep track of your progress while looking fashionable. For only $27.00, you can’t miss out on this great buy. Click here to get your Smart Bracelet. Black health, heart, heart healthy, healthy heart, healthy, Black health matters, healthy Black people,

3. ADC Blood Pressure Kit

Another great way to monitor your health is to check your blood pressure. You can go to your local Walmart or CVS to use their blood pressure machine but now you don’t have to. With the ADC Professional Blood Pressure Kit with Stethoscope, you can monitor your blood pressure and your progress in the comfort of your own home. Click here to get your kit today. Black health, heart, heart healthy, healthy heart, healthy, Black health matters, healthy Black people,]]>

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