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Travel in Style With This Line of Luggage Accessories Inspired by Black Women, Culture

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Travel expert Anita Russell of Noire Escapes, a two-time, award-winning travel agency, just dropped a new line of luggage accessories – and you don’t want to travel without them. If you have a few destinations lined up for this year, these travel accessories will protect your assets and have you moving about in style while representing the culture. This new collection has passport covers, luggage tags, luggage covers, and suitcases.

Russell created these products “to bring diversity to the travel space.” It’s surely needed, as most travel accessories on the market aren’t inclusive of Black travelers. The accessories feature Black women with natural hair and styles reflective of our culture. 

There are three collections, each with its own unique design. 

Madison Collection

Russell said she made the Madison Collection with a specific type of woman in mind: sophisticated business travel. This design is for the woman who takes frequent business trips and considers herself self-made. 

Natalie Collection

The Natalie Collection represents the adventurous, risk-taking traveler. This design features a Black woman with braids riding a moped through Paris.

Rich Auntie Collection

Then there’s the Rich Auntie Collection, which was ideal for, well, the rich auntie. Russell intended for this design to represent all women who give off rich auntie energy.

Russell worked with illustrator Oksana Craven, who executed Russell’s designs to a tee. Explore this new line of Black-owned travel accessories to see which one fits your lifestyle.

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