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Travel With Noire Escapes and Find Your Next Adventure

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Whether you’ve been dreaming of relaxing on a beach with bae or going somewhere more adventurous with friends, Noire Escapes wants to take you there in 2022. 

Noire Escapes is a boutique travel company specializing in group and custom travel around the globe for melanated millennials. The company was founded by Anita Mitchell, a world traveler and travel blogger who recently decided to start organizing her own trips using the travel knowledge she’s collected over the years. 

Noire Escapes is currently registering travelers for 2022 trips which include: A girlfriend’s getaway to Aruba in November, a Lover’s Escape to Jamaica in September, and a Winter Ski Trip to Utah in March. 

Of all three adventures, Mitchell is most excited about the Winter Ski Trip. The idea for the trip came from her blog. She previously made a post encouraging black people to try new experiences and sports like skiing. Now she’s helping to make those new experiences possible with her own travel company. 

“Black people, we make everything dope. There’s a market for African-Americans who want to try something new and [on the trip] we’re going to be trying it together. So I’m very excited about that one,” she said speaking of the Utah-bound experience.

Although Utah is the most adventurous of the 2022 trip lineup, travelers on the other two journeys will have lots to look forward to as well. On the Girlfriend’s Escape, travelers will get to be the envy of everyone’s Instagram feed once they post their photos at Aruba’s famous Flamingo beach — with real flamingoes! Similarly, couples that choose the Lover’s Escape will be lavishly waited on at a Runaway Bay resort with world-class customer service.  

Noire Escapes founder Anita Mitchell

Mitchell says she has always loved to travel, but it was her first international trip – a cruise to the Caribbean – that sealed her fate as a traveler. 

“The water was so clear and the air was so nice and I was like, ‘Ooh, I like this! I know there’s more.’ So I traveled and traveled and every trip left me wanting more,” she said. 

Now, Mitchell is dedicated to creating that same feeling for other Black travelers and soon-to-be travelers like herself. 

“I just really want people to know that you work damn hard on these people’s job everyday. So take the time and use that PTO and take time out for you.”

If you’re thinking about traveling with Noire Escapes, you need to secure your spot soon. There are limited spots available for each of next year’s experiences. In terms of deadlines, the Winter Ski Trip will be the first to close registration, so get more information or sign up now.

Learn more and travel with Noire Escapes here. 

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