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Treat Yourself Like a Queen With The Luxe Box’s Feminine Care Products

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For many women, feminine wellness can feel confusing and even mysterious at times. Traditional medicine is quick to throw pills and creams at every problem, while some natural remedies just seem a little too … natural. Now, The Luxe Box is empowering women with the knowledge and tools to take care of themselves.

The Luxe Box sells naturally based products like feminine washes and wipes, yoni eggs, oils and steaming herbs, all specially formulated to help women with issues ‘down there.’

The company was founded by esthetician and waxer Amina Marcelin with the help of her husband Widti and friend Ariale. Marcelin comes from a family of herbalists. So as she met so many women with feminine health concerns in her work, she knew that she could create effective and safe natural products for women.

Founder, Amina Marcelin

“While I was waxing, I started to notice that many women had the same problems when it came to their vaginal health,” Marcelin explained.

Those problems typically happened to be issues with odor and bacterial vaginosis. So The Luxe Box products focus on preventing and curing these everyday ailments. The brand’s Feminine Wash and Yoni Essential Oil are two of the most popular and effective products for these issues. Other best-sellers include their plant-based flushable wipes and steamer bundle and seat.

The Luxe Box is more than just a passion project for Marcelin — it is also a way to establish and provide for herself and her children. As a convicted felon, Marcelin knows how hard it can be to make something of yourself, especially when things hold you back. 

“Before starting The Luxe Box, there was no stability in my job because I knew that at any time things could change, and if they did, it would be even harder for me to survive. The Luxe Box is not only my passion but the security for my future,” she said.

If you’re curious about The Luxe Box’s products, but feel unsure about which item to buy first, you’re in luck. Just for the holiday season, The Luxe Box is offering a holiday box that includes all of the brand’s products for only $100. The box also comes with an exclusive robe and self-examination mirror.

“I want women to start examining themselves, and I know that is not common, so that is why I wanted to make sure that was in the box.” 

Shop The Luxe Box today!

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