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Treble and Flame Candle Co. Sets the Vibe and Preserves Black Sound

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Black-owned businesses are amazing all on their own. However, Treble and Flame Candle Co. goes the extra mile by giving us luxurious, high-quality candles paired with themed playlists that help us preserve our rich musical culture and history.

Husband and wife team Damarces and Lakivia Sharkey are the creators of Treble and Flame Candle Co. and their business was born right alongside the birth of their first child. The Sharkey’s wanted to burn a candle around their home that would be safe for the whole family and they also wanted to make sure their little one had the same love for old school Black classics that the couple shared — and so, a business was born. 

“We connect sound with scent,” said Damarces Sharkey. “What’s important to us and what we’ve seen in our surroundings is that [for Black people] there are not many traditions that are passed down. But one thing we do pass down really well is music. Unfortunately, some of that now is going away.” 

Each candle from Treble and Flame comes with a special QR code to a playlist that can be listened to on Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal. The couple curates each playlist themselves, drawing upon their love of music and their extensive knowledge of Black music history. 

“It’s a reflection of who we are. We are R&B, we are rap, we are blues, we are funk, and we as a business, love to celebrate that. And we do that through putting out premium soy candles and through playlists.”

While the music is an integral component of Treble and Flame’s mission, the soy candles are also an intentional choice. Most modern candles (even the fancy scented ones) are made from paraffin wax,  which is made from petroleum — a by-product of making gasoline. When burned, these candles release dangerous chemicals into the air, turning your sweet-smelling experience into a toxic one. Now with Treble and Flame, you can set the vibe without any negative health effects. 

In honor of Juneteenth, Treble and Flame is releasing a special set of candles highlighting Black visionaries and freedom fighters; Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, and Assata Shakur. Damarces Sharkey says they chose these three figures intentionally, because they represent different facets of the Black experience in America. 

“They’re representative of who we are as a people. Martin preached nonviolence, Assata represents the female influence, and then Malcolm was outspoken, upfront and more aggressive. And that as a whole makes up who we are.”

Preorder The Juneteenth collection and shop Treble and Flame Candle Co. here.

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