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Trinidad James Drops New Video: “Black Owned”

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“…we go broke because we don’t buy black Got them crackers toe tappin When we givin em racks”

Black Owned, Trinidad James

Trinidad James is well known for “All Gold Everything” but he’s putting the world on notice that the color Black is most important, to him. Today his new video drops under the title, “Black Owned.” The song is a clear affirmation of James’ convictions on group economics and specifically, buying Black. James has also launched another passion project, “ImReallyBlackOwned,” an Instagram page that features Black owned businesses. As James told We Buy Black, “With the ImReallyBlackOwned project I took a page out of my big brother Shareef’s book, with his We Buy Black movement. Awareness is just as important as voting and The Culture must always come across cool.”

Black Owned” is merely a drop in the ocean of James’ convictions. James, after all, is a philosopher and his lyrics reflect his most intimate desires for Black people. His lyrics also give plain critique to the culture and prescriptions. As James says very plainly in the song, “we go broke because we don’t buy Black.” James practices what he preaches. On his new page, ImReallyBlackOwned, he gives fans an intimate view of his lifestyle and daily choices: from restaurants to clothing and skincare, James fully embraces “All Black Everything.”

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Black Owned” is a clear wakeup call to all who are still asleep. It is also an indicator of James’ awareness of his platform and responsibility to encourage his people towards true self determination. Indeed, given his reach and platform, it’s not inappropriate to regard the rapper as a thought leader and ultimately, one with the ability to mobilize Black people in an even greater way. Check out “Black Owned” today and follow James at ImReallyBlackOwned.

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D'Juan Hopewell
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