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Turn Your Kitchen Into a “Farmacy” with The Ultimate Wellness Group

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It’s no secret that conventional medicine doesn’t always provide all the answers and often comes with unpleasant side effects. If there’s one person who knows this well, it’s Dr. Akili Muhammad, founder of The Ultimate Wellness Group. As a trained physician, Dr. Muhammad combines his knowledge of bodily functions with traditional medicines to heal the whole person –– hence why he advocates for a “wholistic” lifestyle. 

Dr. Muhammad founded The Ultimate Wellness Group in 2009 after quite a few life changes. At the time, he and his then-wife, who was also a physician, had a practice together. It was during this time he grew annoyed with a medical system that focused on treating patients instead of healing them. He wanted to look at his patients as individuals and figure out what they needed instead of just prescribing the standard medications and surgeries. 

After Muhammad divorced, he and his ex-wife dissolved the practice. At the same time, one of his closest cousins passed away from breast cancer. This is when he decided he wasn’t going to love doing things he wasn’t pleased with, so he stopped practicing standard medicine and started The Ultimate Wellness Group

“I made the Ultimate Wellness Group out of a desire to live fully,” Muhammad says.

Dr. Muhammad never had full confidence in the material he was taught in medical school, so he began to study “How To Eat to Live” by Elijah Muhammad. As he began to implement some of the lessons from the book in his life as well as in his patients, he noticed better results than what conventional medicine was providing.

Explore The Ultimate Wellness Group today and learn how you can improve your health.

Dr. Muhammad’s Approach

The Ultimate Wellness Group takes a wholistic approach to weight loss, detox, health restoration, high blood pressure, diabetes, and much more. Dr. Muhammad also offers consultations and Home Cupboard Evaluations. During these visits, which can be in-person or virtual, Dr. Muhammad examines the spices, food, and cleaning products in a client’s home and determines how to help them detox. And if you need supplementation, Dr. Muhammad provides CBD, herbs, and immune-boosting supplements.

His practice also provides chaperoning when clients have doctor’s visits or hospitalizations for a serious medical problem. He acts as a trustworthy advocate to help clients understand and make informed decisions

He’s also available for speaking engagements. 

Dr. Muhammad wants to emphasize that good health takes hard work and the path to becoming whole will not be easy, but it will be worth it.

Explore The Ultimate Wellness Group today and learn how you can improve your health.

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