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Tyrod Taylor: Black QBs Must be Twice as Good

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The Buffalo Bills have not made it to the NFL playoffs in the 21st century. They have the longest active playoff drought in all major US professional sports. They haven’t even sniffed the playoffs since 1999 yet the team would rather undermine their leader rather than make the playoffs. The Bills replaced Taylor with Nathan Peterman who has never had an NFL start. This is the same team that benched EJ Manuel who through 14 games played better than Carson Wentz or Jared Goff. In Peterman’s 1st drive as the Bills starter he through a pick six. Tyrod didn’t throw a pick six in 38 starts for the Bills. In the 1st quarter Peterman threw three interceptions while Taylor has only thrown multiple interceptions in a game only one time in his career. Peterman went on to throw 5 first half interceptions causing the Bills to reinsert Tyrod Taylor in the 2nd half after the game was out of hand. It was the worst game by a QB with a minimum of 14 attempts in the past 40 years. Even after the game, the coach said he would evaluate the quarterback position before making a decision about who would start the next game. In the end, Tyrod started and won the game to keep the Bills in the playoff hunt. Let’s take a look at the lowest pass interception % leaders of all-time in the NFL.

  1. Dak Prescott 1.1%
  2. Tyrod Taylor 1.5%
  3. Aaron Rodgers 1.5%
  4. Colin Kaepernick 1.8%
  5. Tom Brady 1.8%
  Notice three of the players on this list are Black and the other two quarterbacks on this list are arguably two of the best quarterbacks to ever play. That is good company to be in. Stats don’t lie. Since 2015, the year Tyrod Taylor became the Bills starting quarterback, his team ranks 8th in offensive TDs scored.  Think about the season Dak Prescott had last year as a rookie and how the Cowboys still threatened to replace him with an aging White quarterback who couldn’t stay healthy. All he did was win. Yet, it seems all too often in professional sports that winning has come second to racial bias and agendas. Tyrod Taylor is a perfectly functional and efficient QB but in a rigged, tainted and dysfunctional game. If the NFL playoffs started today, Tyrod and the Bills would be in the 6th and final AFC Wild Card spot largely due to his play. And though the Bills continually seem to spite and undermine Taylor, they still owe him a 2017 salary of $14.5 million. Sounds like a costly loss for an historic winner….]]>

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