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Secure Extra Income With The Dropshipping Queen

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The Dropshipping Queen is a learning tool and platform where founder Lea helps individuals start in the world of dropshipping. 

Dropshipping is a business model that involves moving products from the manufacturer directly to the retailer. Or, in Lea’s words,  “I sell physical products through Wifi.”

Lea herself has been dropshipping for over two years on platforms like Shopify, Amazon fulfillment center, and Print and Apparel. The inspiration for The Dropshipping Queen came from Lea’s success in the business and knowing that this business model is something almost anyone can do. Before discovering dropshipping, Lea owned a kiosk at a mall in college. She sold competitive kites, and for a while, she enjoyed the kiosk, but when things got slow, she noticed it wasn’t her inventory but her location. Lea closed the kiosk after a year and ended up listing her products on Amazon, where she sold the rest of her merchandise in weeks. 

However, Lea didn’t put thought into the success of her sales at the time but instead started her “first and last corporate job.”

After spending some time in her corporate job, she found herself unfilled and thought back to the Amazon store and its success and restarted it, then she got into Shopify, and everything took off from there.

Lea, The Dropshipping Queen, believes that every Black family should look into the business model because it is easy to secure supplemental income. 

“A business model like this is right for a mom that just wants to add income to her household but doesn’t want to take time away from her kids, or a college student who is in medical or grad school or the girl from a rural town who doesn’t have access to well-paying jobs,” she added. 

Dropshipping also has a low barrier to entry, meaning you can start your business for less than $100. 

“Dropshipping is literally a business you can utilize to make money with your everyday devices like your laptop, desktop, or cell phone.”

The Dropshipping Queen offers courses on how to start core or niche product stores with Amazon marketplace, Shopify and Print and Apparel, and how to maintain and build your stores. The paid courses start at $9.99, but the business also offers many course options, from $5 classes to free lives on social media every Mon-Wed at 12-1 pm. 

Visit The Dropshipping Queen today and Sign up for the upcoming  “Canva Like a Dropshipper” course on September 22nd, 2021, for only $27.  

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