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Warren G Has BBQ Sauce! Elevate Your BBQ with Sniffin Griffin’s Sauces & Rubs

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If you want to be the hero of the next family BBQ, then you might want to start with elevating your sauces. To take your meats and seafood to the next level, look no further than Sniffin Griffin’s sauces and rubs. Not only are they packed with flavor, they’re also gluten-free and diabetic friendly – which is almost impossible to find in conventional grocery stores.

Sniffin Griffin’s is the passion project by rapper, producer, and pitmaster Warren Griffin, III, better known as Warren G. Griffin’s love of food and community inspired him to start the sauces and rub line. He’s known among his friends and family for his cooking and gatherings. Naturally, they encouraged him to start so other people could experience his unique barbecue flavors.

Put These Sauces and Rubs on Anything

Sniffin Griffin’s currently has three sauces and two rubs. The sauces are the Keepin’ It Original BBQ Sauce, which as the name implies, is a classic flavor that balances sweet and savory. Then there’s The Smokin’ Me Out, a bold, smoky BBQ sauce; and the We Brings Heat, a BBQ sauce that’s infused with peppers and ginger root.

The two rubs are equally full of flavor. The All Purpose Bite Through BBQ Rub is a blend of peppers, smoked garlic, and onions. The Original Poultry & Seafood BBQ Rub adds a sweet heat to poultry and seafood. 

These sauces and rubs are ideal for barbecuing, but Griffin wants customers to know they’re also perfect for grilling vegetables and fruit. He specifically recommends the all-purpose rub for grilling non-meat products. Besides grilling, the sauces and rubs are also a great addition to your kitchen for daily meals of all sorts. 

Griffin’s inspiration and love of food comes from his father, Warren Griffin, Jr. Growing up, people knew Griffin’s father for his cooking, creating recipes, and playing good music while doing it. He learned from his father that food, especially barbecue, can bring people together. As Griffin grew up, he aspired to be like his father and create an environment of food, family, friends, and community around the grill.  

Shop Sniffin Griffin’s today and bring flavor to your kitchen or gathering.


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