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Watch 'Knights to Kings': A Young Men's Journey to Ethiopia through Chess

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As we know, Black boys and men in America are constantly taken for granted. They are often seen as nothing more than threats, violent, or athletes. For countless decades, the narrative of the Black man has been reduced and portrayed in such a negative manner that nowadays many Black boys, young men, and adults have lost the confidence to be themselves, dream bigger, and live in their truth. The docu-story Kings to Knights reveals the alternative of such a negative world overshadowed by poverty, killings, distant families, and so many other struggles by taking young Black kids to Kutaber (Kuta-Ber), Ethiopia. The program Chess & Community from Athens, Georgia takes 8 young Black American boys from the lowest educational performing school in the state of Georgia and exposes them to two brand new worlds, the game of chess and the motherland of Africa. Specifically, the land of Ethiopia is a utopia, full of many riches, prestige and African legacy.  So, what happens when you gather a group of young men from poverty living in America and bring them to Kutaber, Ethiopia to connect to the beauty of the land and learn about more than their own neighborhood? The Knights to Kings documentary shows us the mind shift, the enthusiasm, and opportunity the game of Chess brings to these young Black boys. These young men’s journey has been documented and told in order to inspire, give hope, showcase discipline, and a new perspective not just for kids, but whoever is willing to expose one’s self to new opportunity. Knights to Kings is a highly anticipated documentary that everyone should see. Knights to Kings inspires Black youth to hone into the mental strength of chess and learn about more than just the pieces on the board, but life, strategy, and patience. To learn more about the Chess & Community program read here. Watch this trailer about Knights to Kings, follow their journey to Ethiopia and let me know what you think. It is set to release May 5th, 2018! [embed]https://vimeo.com/264251784[/embed]    ]]>

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