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We Buy Black 2019 Black Friday Shopping Guide

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Educational Products

STEM education is the future and with Blue Studios it’s available 24/7, from the comfort of your own home. Blue Studios offers classes on coding, microbiology, botany and much more. Students from K to 12th grade can now livestream classes by project and age level. STEM is the future and the future is now, shop Blue Studios.

The Black Girl MATHgic Box is the only subscription box designed to increase math confidence and decrease math anxiety in girls on a 3rd-8th grade math level. Each month, your girl will receive a box containing real-world math lessons and activities, fun educational items, a math affirmation, profile of a woman mathematician and more!

Rhyme Antics is a hilarious rhyming vocabulary game inspired by Hip Hop, for Ages 12 and up. Think to the beat while you freestyle rap in proper English, only! Check out Rhyme Antics today!

Conversations about money and financial literacy should start early and Knowledge Bank gives families tools to start that journey. Knowledge Bank is committed to improving the financial literacy of youth and underserved communities. Their programs are designed to introduce new concepts, start new conversations and teach life application. Knowledge Bank offers a 3-component approach to improving financial literacy — financial education, exposure and the development of healthy financial behaviors.

Children need to be stimulated in order to learn. As they grow in knowledge, what images are they receiving? How is their blackness being affirmed? Puzzle Huddle creates puzzles for children designed to inspire and affirm children of color, specifically. Puzzles are a great way to not only entertain children but also stimulate them mentally. Invest in your children’s learning, self worth and amusement. Shop Puzzle Huddle today.

Gifted & Lit is a program that uses hip hop to teach children math, science and more. If you’re worried that the music your kids are listening to is impacting them negatively, here is a great solution. Shop Gifted & Lit today!

Professional Services

You probably didn’t start your business to spend hours figuring out debits, credits, payroll, taxes, etc., but Right Choice Accounting Solutions did! This Black owned accounting firm helps you focus on running your business, while they take care of bookkeeping, payroll, tax planning, CFO services, financial coaching and much more. Accounting is the language of business and they speak it fluently. Check out Right Choice Accounting Solutions, today.

Stationary Products

Perfectly Hued is an illustration-based boutique that features children’s greeting cards and stationery. Created to fill the void of stationery and greeting cards available for & inspired by children of color, they’ve created high-quality, fun and stylish products that mirror the beautiful hues of our little ones. Shop Perfectly Hued today.

Banking & Finance

MoCaFi is a financial network helping everyday people prosper with financial education, credit building tools, and a prepaid card program. Nearly 50% of Black and Hispanic households are unbanked or underbanked. MoCaFi helps you spend smarter by tracking bills and paydays, build credit by helping you report rent payments to Equifax and build financial literacy. MoCaFi does all that and much more. Get better understanding of your financial health today with MoCaFi.

GRIND Banking is a new banking product that is designed to look out for you. When you open a bank account online with GRIND, you get a GRIND Banking Debit Mastercard, a Spending account that works anywhere Mastercard is accepted – all managed through an easy-to-use mobile banking app. Opening and using a Debit account is quick and easy. No paperwork. No Credit Check. No stress. Check out GRIND today.


Grammy nominated composer and recordist artist Charles Wright is a living legend, having nearly invented the fusion of soul and funk in the 1970’s, with hits like “Express Yourself,” “Do Your Thing” and “Loveland.” Wright now takes us on a literary journey with his book, Up from Where We’ve Come. The book is the true story of his life, before the fame. Charles Wright writes about his childhood and his family’s trials and tribulations on a cotton plantation. It is the quintessential pre-civil right story, from the son of sharecroppers. Get your copy of the book here.

Shy Chy Books offers a series of books all about encouraging children to be themselves and embracing their individuality. The first book, “I can’t, I can’t… I CAN!” is about a girl who desires to make friends and participate in different activities, but she is held back by her shyness. This book includes lessons about being yourself, overcoming fears, and taking chances. Shop Shy Chy Books.

A.I.C. Publications is all about empowering people through literature. The book publishing industry is saturated with negative and destructive images, which are marketed heavily to the Black community. A.I.C. Publications is changing those narratives and also offering a host of literary products to inspire and uplift our community. The company is especially proud to offer a line of children’s books that are not only educational but indeed, aspirational. Shop A.I.C. today!


Music has literally changed the world and each day continues to do so. A form of expression so powerful should be heard in all of its glory and thanks to RayTec, you can. RayTec earphones allow listeners to hear music at the highest, premium level. Gone are the days of average sound and subpar clarity — RayTec offers consumers a better choice. Hear every note and feel every moment when you shop RayTec today.

Clothing & Lifestyle Brands

LocStar Revolution sells custom-made goods with Black (African Diaspora) and African peoples in mind. “LocStar Revolution” got its name from the idea of a Black person who is a STAR and who takes pride in his or her hair (dreadlocks), Blackness, culture and appearance. From clothing to home decor and personal items, LocStar has you covered. “Revolution” is what LocStar Revolution is about and you can be down with the cause when you choose to rock their products.

Tribe Worldwide Apparel makes “Pro Black Streetwear Fashion for men, women, and youth.” Their line is unapologetically Black and uncompromisingly fashionable. You need a brand that will express fashion but also strength and pride — this is that brand. When was the last time that your clothing turned heads? If you had to think for very long, shop Tribe Worldwide Apparel, today.

Khojo Kids is a lifestyle brand for kids. Khojo provides ready made pieces that makes our young kings and queens stand out and feel confident. The brand values culture, raising our children to have healthy eating habits, and providing them with learn and play activities to help feed their brain. Shop Khojo Kids today.

Ladies, your man needs underwear but they need to be quality and more importantly, you’ll want them to be nice to look at. Allow me to introduce you to Champ Boxers. This is not the typical stuff you’ll find at Target — this is premium, grown man under clothing from an amazing Black owned company. Ladies, upgrade your man, buy Champ Boxers today. 

Health & Wellness Products

Holmes Organics uses the power of cannabis to help people cope with anxiety, stress and chronic pain. Unlike THC — commonly used to get a “high” — CBD isn’t intoxicating and is known to help patients treat a variety of symptoms, including epilepsy and seizure disorders, pain and inflammation, PTSD and anxiety, Crohn’s Disease, multiple sclerosis and opioid withdrawal, among others. Shop Holmes Organics today!

Upful Blends provides alkaline blends and herbs for the mind and body, inspired only by the teachings of Dr. Sebi. All blends are hand mixed within high energy frequencies, love, and intention. They ensure 100% non-irradiated and natural herbs from alkaline soils. Shop Upful Blends today.

Tay Sweat started his health journey as an overweight teenager. At only 14 years old, he weighed in at over 300 pounds and suffered from ailments such as eczema, heart & digestive issues, and was diagnosed as pre-diabetic. Now, as “The Vegan Trainer,” he is on a mission to share the information he’s acquired on his journey. Tay offers nutrition, exercise and lifestyle advice. Check out The Vegan Trainer, today.

Working out is a must but the post workout is everything. What are you putting into your body to actually improve your results and get that edge? Thanks to Green Regimen, finally there’s a plant-based post workout and meal replacement shake. Here is the best part of all: not only is it nutritious but it’s also absolutely delicious! Green Regimen’s Elite Protein shake is a game changer — healthy, delicious and smooth to the taste. Upgrade your results and your health, upgrade to Green Regimen.

Jewelry & Accessories

Axum watches are pure luxury and the best of fashion, yet specifically designed with an eye on affordability. “Mind your time and stay focused” is the brand’s motto and with their amazing designs, everyone else will be focused on you. Shop Axum watches today.

BeadsByDez specializes in handmade bracelets, designed to wow and create positive energy. No matter what vibe you need, BeadsByDez has a product just for you. From bracelets made to accent your astrological sign to creations made specifically for men who need a fashion edge, this company has a product for every consumer. BeadsByDez utilizes a variety of stones in their designs so you are sure to find just the look you’re craving. Shop BeadsByDez today!

Shoes & Footwear

TCG Footwear (Thoroughly Crafted Goods) is a leading e-commerce lifestyle brand that features captivating stylish shoes and accessories for men. In 2018 Dr. Kerry Cox and Kyle Cox acquired the brand. The philosophy of this father and son tandem is a commitment to impeccable service, unparalleled quality, bespoke craftsmanship and distinctive style. TCG Footwear believes that quality craftsmanship, style, and comfort can never be compromised. With that as their foundation, the brand can and will continue to grow and evolve. Get serious quality, style and craftsmanship, shop TCG Footwear.

Household Products

Killer Mike, We Buy Black, Netflix, Trigger Warning with Killer Mike, Netflix Original, Buy Black Movement, True Laundry Detergent

Everyone has to wash clothes and the detergent you choose matters. Does your detergent have any caustic ingredients, pork enzymes or phosphorus? Is the product you use eco-friendly? If not, you need to quickly make an investment in True Laundry Detergent. In addition to being eco-friendly and void of caustic ingredients, it’s also super concentrated and powerful — one ounce of True cleans a load of laundry. To compare, 100 oz of Tide will clean up to 64 loads while 101 oz of True actually cleans 101 loads. Stretch your dollar, use a safer product and Buy Black with True Laundry Detergent. They now offer perfume and dye free detergent!

Toys & Games

Fam Foolery creates games that celebrate Black culture and history, giving you more reasons to laugh with the ones you love. The gaming industry isn’t very inclusive of Black culture and as a result, not only are many games on the market lacking cues and content salient to Black people but they can be downright uninteresting. Fam Foolery offers two games that will change all that. Trap Wars is a game for the culture. You’ll have to get your team to guess words on a card, using cues that make sense to us. Trap Wars also comes in a Black history edition, using cards to enlighten us on the greatness of us. Shop Fam Foolery today!

Brains and Beauty Dolls are multicultural dolls with real human hair designed to represent girls of color. The company’s goal is to inspire little girls to embrace their uniqueness, individual beauty, intelligence, culture, and leadership ability. They also challenge young girls to achieve their goals and dreams in style. Shop Brains and Beauty Dolls today.

Personal Care Brands

G for Men is skin and beard care, specifically for men of color. The science of finding the right formulas to accommodate the skin problems of men with darker pigmentation is a rarely discussed issue. G for Men has spent years developing formulas to find just the right PH Balance for the skin you’re in. From anti-aging face kits to everyday face wash, total skincare for Black men is here. G for Men also offers a full line of products to maintain, enhance and clean your beard. Hydrate and care for your beard properly, with products made just for a man like you. G for Men is taking Black men’s skin and beard care to new heights, shop G for Men today!

Golden Grooming Co. provides high quality, all-natural skin care and hair care products specifically designed for Black men and other men of color. About 60% of what is put on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream and for most, that means a lot of toxins. Golden Grooming represents superior, clean grooming products for men. Shop Golden Grooming.

Let the wonders of nature help you achieve healthy hair and skin with ItzMade4Me! Made of all-natural ingredients, the hair and body moisturizer from ItzMade4Me actively conditions the hair, scalp, and skin while giving them the essential nourishment to stay in prime health. Shop ItzMade4Me today.

The right nail polish color is essential but no color is worth cancer or fertility issues. Many of the nail polish products out there are loaded with toxic chemicals — no good. Kaeess is a line of cruelty free, bold color creations. They make nail polish for all shades of people and genders. Kaeess offers vibrant, bold colors that will set your look apart. From “Hot Girl Summer” to “Highlighter Lemonade,” Kaeess has just the color for you. Shop Kaeess today!

The Corporate Collection is a line of grooming products every Black man needs. Each product in The Corporate Collection line is infused with pheromones. When mixed with your natural body oils, they create a scent and vibe completely unique to you — like a fingerprint for the nose! The Corporate Collection will inspire confidence, pride and charm. With product names like Chief of Staff, Baron and Tycoon, Corporate Collection products will absolutely set you apart. Step up to The Corporate Collection, today!

Xotics by Curtis Smith produces hair and body products with natural ingredients. Xotics Verbena Body Oil leaves your body silky smooth and delivers a captivating aroma. Experience a unique blend of essential oils that nourishes, protects, hydrates and repairs your skin. Xotics creates Beard Balm, Blue Aloe Shave Gel, Razor Bump/Skin Irritation Spray and a host of other products, as well. Each product Xotics sells is mixed the old-fashioned way to ensure quality and freshness. 

Touch Body Works is an all-natural beauty brand. Touch Body Works was created in order to bring us natural skin care that is affordable. Every batch of product they sell is handcrafted in small batches, right in Detroit. Their products are truly natural, pleasant and absolutely effective. Lotions, body wash, mud masks, soaps, shampoos and conditioners are just a sampling of what the company offers. Go natural and give Touch Body Works a look.

NouriTress helps women regrow, nourish and maintain healthy hair. NouriTress Hair Products are the #1 Multicultural Hair Restoration Treatment products that assist with healthy hair maintenance, hair shedding, breakage, thinning and hair loss. These vitamin based, clinically researched and Doctor recommended products are formulated to help clients regrow, repair and restore their hair to a healthy condition. Shop NouriTress today!

Neter Gold literally covers every inch of your body. From eczema relief to beard care, deodorant to scalp care, this company has everything you need. Your skin is yours and you should give it the best. Neter Gold offers loc enhancing butter and acne relief products. In addition, they offer several products for kids! The company donates 10 percent of its profits to nonprofits. Cover your body from head to toe with Neter Gold!

You might be familiar with Garner’s Garden from their oral care products but did you know they also offer everything from lip balm to pet shampoo? This company offers a full range of personal care products for men and women. They make facial cleanser, insect repellent and hair butter. Garner’s Garden uses simple yet effective ingredients from nature. Their products assist in the body’s detoxification of chemicals and unnatural preservatives.

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