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Wealth Coach Teaches You How To Stop Losing 4X Every Dollar You Spend

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The Financial IQ Challenge is a 5-day challenge that teaches you how the wealthy legally avoid taxes and how to increase your portfolio by 400% without investing a dime.

This 5-day challenge is taught by Rick “The Wealth Coach” Williams who you can find on Instagram and YouTube @rickthewealthcoach. Williams started the Financial IQ Challenge out of a desire to help people secure their financial future and utilize the system the way it was intended. He has been a wealth coach for over 40 years. However, in the last three years, Williams has been teaching people how to operate out of common law trusts.

“I wanted to know how guys like Trump got away with legally not paying taxes on their properties, and once I did, I knew I had to share the knowledge,” Williams expressed. 

Although The Financial IQ Challenge didn’t start until 2021, Williams’s journey to financial freedom started in 2015 after he was fired from a warehouse job. However, at the time Williams was putting on stage plays based on biblical stories, set in the modern day; with these plays, Williams would use the profits to give back to families affected by violent crimes or cancer because both hit close to home. One day after a play a young man approached him and said “with all you do, you should be rich,” and introduced him to get into real estate with no down payment. 

Once he made over $13,000 in one day, he started his own real estate company Stellar Homes, and never looked back. After a couple of years of real estate, he realized there must to an easier way to do business. He sat down with NFL Hall of Famer, Tim Brown, from the Oakland Raiders who told him how to operate like the 1% by using common law trusts.

Each day of the five-day challenge is mapped out to help the participants not only create a financial legacy but to also understand how God intended us to live. Here’s what to expect during the 5-day challenge:

Day 1: Participants will be taught about the mindset needed to operate out of a trust.

Day 2: How to get tax credits/How to get back 4x the money you spend legally.

Day 3: Learn how to buy and sell real estate without paying property tax or capital gains tax.

Day 4: Participants will learn the laws that make it legal to avoid taxes and get the IRS to work on your behalf.

Day 5: The 8 steps it takes to build a financial empire.

The Financial IQ Challenge is coming soon! Register at financialiqchallenge.com

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