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#Wellness Wednesday: 3 Quick Stretch Poses To Relieve Your Back Pain

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The Child’s pose ( as pictured)  will be more beneficial for people who spend their whole life at a desk. This pose helps by relieving tension in the back and increasing the circulation in our joints. While in this pose, make sure to get really comfortable and take some deep breaths while resting your head. It is a really relaxing pose. Spinal twist or Ardha Matsyendrāsana (as pictured below). This pose might seem a bit challenging but it’s actually not. Just take a seat on the floor or your blanket and make sure to keep your torso erect. This is how you will get the benefits. As the name suggests, this pose will specifically help your spine. Do not forget to do both sides. The Cat/Cow pose (as pictured below) will help you to relieve back pain by stretching your muscles. The cat releases any tension going on in your upper back and the cow will help improve your spine’s flexibility. Above were three quick and easy yoga moves to help you ease your back pain. Let us know how well they help after you try them. As you know sharing is caring.

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