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Wellness Wednesday: Do Healing Crystals/Stones Work?

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Surely you’ve been made aware of people utilizing crystals and gems for their healing elements. It’s all over social media and various news outlets, so you most likely have. With any trend, it’s always best to ask two things: where did this trend come from and what is its purpose–or in this case, does it work? Hopefully, the information in this article assist you in answering the aforementioned question, as well as help you decide if you should utilize these crystals and gems.

Brief History

Utilizing crystals and gems for their supposed healing properties is nothing new. Many ancient cultures used these gems and crystals for various ailments and afflictions. Historians believe that gems and crystals were first used for healing purposes by the ancient Egyptians. The Egyptians used lapis lazuli, for example, for many different things. Lapis lazuli, which is also called The Soul of the Gods was used to assist a soul in the afterlife. The soul of the deceased would be led down the path to immortality. This was such a common belief that King Tut’s death mask was embroidered with these stones. It was also believed that when worn, lapis lazuli would open the bearer up to receiving love from others. The ancient Egyptians often made jewelry and clothing out of this gem because of its perceived power. This sounds extremely similar to the vibranium that the Wakandans use in Marvel’s Black Panther comics and the MCU’s Black Panther film. Additionally, different stones were believed to have different healing properties. Ancient Egyptians used emerald to promote pregnancy, quartz to increase intuitiveness, and azurite. Azurite was so sacred to the Egyptians that only their priests were worthy of handling it. It was also woven into clothing and was believed to cure cysts, tumors, and respiratory illnesses.

Modern Use

In today’s society, there is no scientific evidence that crystals and gems have any real healing power. Then again, anything science “proves” must be called into question but I digress. Today, spiritual healers believe that crystals and gems can positively alter one’s mood and attitude. Like the ancient Egyptians believed, spiritual healers believe that some gems can open you up to immense positivity and love. Most spiritual healers suggest surrounding yourself with gems and crystals that can alter your energy. Placing these healing gems and crystals throughout your living space can increase your mood and enhance your energy. Additionally, wearing these gems can help improve your overall energy. After learning that there are some positive outcomes to wearing these gems, I’ve compiled a list of We Buy Black vendors that offer these healing gems. Read on to learn about these products:

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2. Lapis Lazuli Earrings

Of course, we can’t write about the super-healing stone, lapis lazuli without offering it to you. Nubian Luxuries Brand is selling a set lapis lazuli earrings with a silver Eye of Heru charm attached to each earring for just $16.99. Now that you know how beneficial lapis lazuli is, click here to purchase a pair of these earrings. Begin healing yourself naturally like the ancients right now. healing gems, ancient Egypt, Kemet, Lapis Lazuli, Black Panther, 7 chakras, earrings

3. Mala of Protection

For overall spiritual protection from negative energy and thinking, you need this Mala of Protection. Our We Buy Black vendor, Hara Healing & Wellness is selling this Mala of Protection for $75.00. It’s well worth the amount. Click here to get your Mala today! healing gems, ancient Egypt, Kemet, Lapis Lazuli, Black Panther, 7 chakras]]>

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