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#WellnessWednesday: The 4 Most Important Aspects of Black Health

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Happy Black History Month Kings and Queens! We all know our melanin should be celebrated every single day.  Yay or Nay? How many of you take health for granted? Well to be honest, we all do sometimes. We all should have some type of healthy lifestyle routine . Share with us two things that you do to stay healthy. Speaking of health, it is not only physical; it is also mental, social and behavioral. All four of these aspects contribute to your health. It is never one or the other, they all work together for your well-being! MENTAL HEALTH: Take good care of your mind and find ways to deal with anxiety, stress, anger. Anything that handicaps you needs to be taken care of asap. Let go of things that you cannot control. Focus on what empowers you, what makes you happy and what you enjoy. Your mind is your power. Own it, do not let it run you.   PHYSICAL HEALTH: When  your body is free of pain and aches, you feel good. This includes taking care of your body.

  • Maintain a healthy weight: You can find out about your appropriate weight by knowing about your body mass index (BMI) . This is calculated based on your height and weight. A BMI between 18.5-20 is an ideal. One between 25-30 is overweight and any BMI over 30 is obese. We all need to find out about this to reach our ideal healthy weight.
  • Exercise regularly: Find an activity that you enjoy and do it more often. Everybody needs exercises. Walk, jog, jump, run, yoga, swim,dance, bike. Do more of an activity that you enjoy. Stay active and save your life!
  • Eat healthy. We all know how to stay healthy but we tend to look over it although it is one of the main keys to heathiness and longevity. Drink your water and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables & whole grains. Eating healthy keeps you away from the doctor!
  • Sleep: Some think 5 hours of sleep or a quick nap or drinking redbull or monster does the job. No and no to the No. Folks, you need 8 hours of sleep. Get that please. Sleep has an effect on your productivity. Try 8 hours of sleep and let us know how your day goes!
BEHAVIORAL HEALTH: We do not talk about this much but it is always better to be preventive than be sorry. Avoid violence, avoid behavior that will jeopardize you. Avoid substance abuse (especially this). Once you get in some habits, it is hard to get out of it. Why try things that you know are bad for you? Drive safely, cautiously and do not break laws. Stay in the safe spot. Love yourself a little bit more everyday dears! SOCIAL HEALTH: This includes anything that has to do with your relationship with others and adapt yourself to situations. When it comes to this, you mostly should prioritize good energy, positives vibes. Cut off anything and people that do not help you grow. Choose your peace and happiness over everything.

              Now, the keys are in your hands, STAY HEALTHY! 



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