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#Family Friday: What's your Love Language?

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Body language & actions comprise almost 80% of how we communicate. So it is understandable that we most likely show our affection towards others just as much as we may say it. The information in this post is from the works of Dr. Gary Chapman who has written a series of books on the 5 love languages. The 5 Love Languages, discusses how we are affected by the different ways of expressing our affection, and how to be attentive to our partners and make sure that they ‘hear’ and see how much we care for them. As we know, relationships are constantly a work in progress; so having the awareness of how you give and receive love is important and helpful towards that progress.

Physical Touch

More than just PDA, this is an emotional connection that is extremely important to the person who identifies with this love language. Even the smallest gesture of a kiss, touch, or hug speaks volumes. This may be difficult for some who did not grow up connecting this way. It may take a moment to think about these actions if you are not used to them but your partner would love you for it.

Quality Time

This is rather self-explanatory. Most of us think about wanting to spend time with others and we understand how important it is to maintain relationships. For those who see this as most important, they cherish time with their partner, away from any distractions–doing whatever necessary to bring you both closer together.

Receiving Gifts

This one shows you those who value material things… and it is not just vanity! There are some people who just love to give to others and love to receive items. This can get pricy, however you can become creative so that you don’t break the bank. Communicate with your partner about what kinds of things they like. It doesn’t have to be much, it is simply ‘the thought that counts’.

Acts of Service

They say that it is the thought that counts. And they’re right. Some people feel the most love when others do things for them– a major gesture of kindness or even something small. Being there when they need you the most shows that you care. And they will most likely do the same for you.

Words of Affirmation

Clearly, stating “I Love You” is a sure way of expressing affection and emotion. Remember to say it once in a while. Look for a small change, a look, an accomplishment and let them know how you feel! What does this mean to you? The way we receive love is also the way we give it. Think about some things that mean a lot to you when talking with your partner, and/or while you are currently dating. Do you like it if they shower you with gifts? Do you like when the tell how much they love you or the things that you do? Or maybe it is the opposite. Maybe they shower you with gifts, and you don’t particularly care for monetary things. You would rather they hold your hand, but they pull away most often stating they don’t like your ‘clinginess’.  We can’t always just express ourselves the way we want without indulging in what our partner understands.   You can learn more and get access to the series of Love Languages books here. You can also take the assessment (in the book) to find out your love language.]]>

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