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White Teachers, Black Students & More Guns? Here's 3 Facts You Should Know!

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Teachers are beautiful, angel dust sprinkled, heaven sent, miracles; however, teachers are still human. Black families have had a recent influx of homeschooling in part, due to this fact. Beyond curriculum constraints, underpayment, and overcrowded classrooms, there’s the human factor. Wether you are a teacher or not, we all come to this world and enter adulthood with a multitude of biases and racial attitudes. A wise man once said, “ why would you let the enemy teach your children?” There have been 18 mass shootings this year alone and it’s only February. As the world is in a scramble for answers,” 45″ suggested arming teachers. This is a horribly bad idea, and here’s why.

3 Key Points

  • Black girls are seen as older than they are and suspended and expelled at 7 times the rate of their White counterparts.
  • Black boys are expelled at higher rates than their representation in the student body.
  • The three best predictors of preschool expulsions are “big, Black, or boy.”
The school system is still a system. In a system where the racial attitudes are not in favor of Black children, why in the whole hell would you want to add guns to the mix? Let us not forget 12-year old Tamir Rice who was gunned down within seconds by the police in a park. Arming teachers, specifically White teachers will allow the age old adages to be used, “he looked older,” “I felt threatened,” “She smartmouthed me.” All these excuses we’ve heard before in attempts to justify the killing of unarmed Black youth. To Black parents around the country, White teachers and black guns will not end well for our children. Stay hella woke about this.]]>

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