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Who Got Next? Meet The Next Black Moguls – Pt. 2

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A Series Taking a Closer Look at the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs and the People Ensuring Their Success

Generation Z expects their salary for their first job out of college to be $46,799. The Ultimate Guide to Generation Z, found that Gen Z job seekers have high expectations when it comes to their salaries and 60% want their jobs to impact the world.

But where does the emoji generation stand on creating their own enterprise and who is overseeing their future as entrepreneurs? 

Meet, Tiffany Joi, Founder of TeenPreneur Bootcamp (@teenpreneurbootcamp)

“I noticed the immense gap between what was being taught in the classroom and what was actually needed for our students to become business savvy individuals post-graduation.” – Tiffany Joi (@iamtiffanyjoi)

What inspired you to get involved with youth and encourage your students to pursue entrepreneurship? 

I was inspired to start TeenPreneur BootCamp due to the lack of business, entrepreneurship & wealth development courses being offered within the traditional school curriculum. I believe that it is imperative to teach & prepare our students for the real world once they graduate from high school. And since college is not an option for all students, I wanted to provide them with an alternative way to not only generate income by forming their own business but also educating them on building wealth via real estate to pass on to future generations.

What are your thoughts on choosing the coding camp or entrepreneurship over the traditional 4-year college degree?

With online outlets such as Google, YouTube, Teachable, Udemy, etc. I honestly believe that a 4-year college degree is becoming more and more obsolete. In today’s world, millennials are able to go directly to YouTube if they want to learn a particular skillset or even research a specific topic. They have these free resources right at their fingertips so why pay for a $50K degree?

Additionally, I’m starting to see more & more households that are not able to afford the high priced college tuition for their child. Lastly, I love the concept behind University of the People and think that this should be the working model when pursuing higher education!

Additionally, with technology and innovation growing at such a robust rate, by learning how to code, students would be able to formulate their own business and provide their services to various corporations globally. Coding is ultimately the backbone of technology and our future. To me, it’s all about discovering your passion, purpose and transforming that craft into a working business model to generate money and wealth!

Student participant in TeenPreneur Bootcamp’s Rep Your Biz Presentations at Blue1647.

When you started TeenPreneur BootCamp, how did you envision your role as an advocate of youth and entrepreneurship? 

When I started TeenPreneur BootCamp, I envisioned my role as a mentor and connector. For example, depending on the type of business my students wanted to create, I would always pair them with a local business that’s currently in the industry so they can get a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to build & grow a successful business.

Even once a student completes the program, we remain connected for life! They can always utilize me as a resource to achieve their business and real estate goals or to just be that listening ear to get them through life’s struggles.

What advice would you give to a high school graduate having a hard time deciding next steps for their career? 

My advice would be to first, figure out what you’re passionate about. I strongly believe we were all born with a passion and purpose. Discover what your unique gifts, talents are and research what kind of business you can formulate around them. Then connect with local business owners who are successful in that particular industry. Take them out for a cup of coffee, ask them questions about how they formed their business, work for them part-time or even volunteer if and/or when you are able to–at least until you feel comfortable enough to step out on your own.

As always, TeenPreneur BootCamp will be there as a guide and resource in assisting our high school teens with forming, building and launching their very own successful business!  

The mission of TeenPreneur Bootcamp is to create customized e-learning curriculum that will empower scholars to discover and love who they authentically are; provide examples of other scholars who initiated change by applying their unique talents, gifts and fulfilled their dreams; inspire them to become creative thinkers and learners; have a heightened awareness of the endless possibilities for their future; provide job shadowing for scholars to experience and explore any occupation that piques their interest.

Tiffany Joi is a certified Life/Business Coach, Mentor & Educator. Joi previously worked in the Chicago Public School system for over 17 years, and holds an MBA in Finance, and a certification in Life Coaching & Marie Forleo’s Business School.

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