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You’ll Want to Attend This Retail Webinar by Banana Wave Co-Founder

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Do you have a product-based business or have you always dreamed of starting one? If the answer is yes, then you want to attend this webinar by the founder of Banana Wave, Michael Baptiste. Whether you sell lotions and soaps or beverages and food, High Ticket Freedom’s Retail Business Activator webinar will help you learn how to grow in retail. 

The Retail Business Activator webinar is a crash course on how to take your ideas and goods and turn them into actual products that can be sold in the market. Attendees will learn how distribution works, the importance of knowing your profit margins and retailer profit margin, the power of starting with one product, and most importantly, how to avoid common mistakes in growing a retail business. 

“This is a power-packed event filled with great information. I highly recommend it for anyone who already sells on e-commerce sites like Amazon and Shopify and is ready to take it to the next level,” founder Michael Baptiste said.

The Retail Business Activator webinar is on September 19th at 7:00 pm EST.

Founder of Be Greater Media Agency, Michael Baptiste’s journey to starting High Ticket Freedom in 2015 is a true reflection of triumphing over adversity. His story of launching an award-winning marketing firm unexpectedly began when Baptiste dropped out of college, lost his basketball scholarship, and had to find another way to succeed in life.

After taking a year-long break to focus on his mental health, Baptiste enrolled in Florida Memorial University, where he took business classes. He then learned the ropes of digital marketing from a DVD course that promised to teach him how to make money. And sure enough, after implementing the information in the course, he produced $20 in the first 10 minutes. He has never looked back ever since because he knew he had found his calling.

Baptiste continued his pursuit in digital marketing and in 2013, he co-founded Banana Wave. By 2016, with the help of Baptiste, Banana Wave grew its profits and landed accounts with Walmart and Whole Foods to carry the milk in the store. Learning from that experience, Baptiste decided to start The Greater Media Agency and High Ticket Freedom to help people enter the digital marketing industry.

When Baptiste and his co-founders started Banana Wave, the plan was always to “build it to sell it,” and in 2021, Banana Wave was successfully sold to Eat & Beyond Global, a publicly traded company. Baptiste has taken his experience from the sale of Banana Wave to create this webinar so that others can be successful in their pursuit of retail placement. 

“All the information in this webinar is the same information we used to sell our company,” Baptiste expressed. 

The Retail Business Activator webinar is free to attend live, but you must register today if you want to attend.

Can’t attend the webinar? Baptiste offers free training and e-books and digital courses for sale on his website

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