Black Physician Makes Organic Elixir Scientifically Shown To Combat Hair Loss


    Alison Mitchell was in medical school when she started experiencing something millions can relate to — hair loss. Med school was causing stress and anxiety. On top of that she was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome; it’s associated with decreased fertility and common among Black women. After giving birth some years later, postpartum hair loss took her edges. It was during this time that she researched and prayed extensively for a solution. Through this process she created the Renewing Hair Elixir and after just 30 days of using it, she was again able to wear a ponytail. Now she’s determined to help others who are suffering with hair loss.

    Renewed Hair Co. is a Black owned company founded by Dr. Alison Mitchell, M.D. that uses only natural, organic ingredients to combat hair loss. The secret of the Renewing Hair Elixer goes back to Eastern medicine traditions, where Ayurvedic herbs are commonly used for hair loss. After giving birth Dr. Mitchell began infusing her own oils, desperately looking for a solution to her hair loss problem. She’d tried everything from vitamins to black tea rinses in the past but nothing worked. Additionally, many products contain harmful and potentially toxic ingredients — none of which she felt safe using while breastfeeding her new baby. The elixer she made was different and it helped her, along with a host of friends and family. Dr. Mitchell only uses what is natural and effective and that is her company’s Renewing Hair Elixer.

    Hair loss is stressful and can be life altering, both mentally and physically. It can be an exhausting and expensive journey, experimenting with pills, creams, oils, and devices only to find the hair loss persists. Dr. Mitchell is someone who actually went through it all and understands the frustration. It is that personal connection to the issue that makes Renewed Hair Co. different. Dr. Mitchell is focused on helping people, not profits. She insists on only using the best, natural ingredients and will not compromise on that commitment. The Renewal Hair Elixer isn’t just safe but it is effective and that is why Dr. Mitchell is proud to offer it to men and women who are looking for a solution to the problem of hair loss.

    Renewed Hair Co. started out with exactly zero social media followers and zero sales. Today Renewed Hair Co. literally has tens of thousands of social media followers and customers around the globe. Their success isn’t a byproduct of flashy marketing and boastful sales pitches, either. Their product flat-out works, born from personal pain and tireless research, by a Black woman who is an actual physician. Renewed Hair Co. stands for excellence, honesty and integrity. The company has scores of verified customer reviews, customer submitted before and after photos, and personal stories from customers about how they finally found a solution to their hair loss. Check out Renewed Hair Co. today!

    Dr. Alison Mitchell, M.D., Founder of Renewed Hair Co.


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