This Black Mom Makes All-Natural Deodorant For Kids


    Is it just me or do kids often smell? Chantel Powell was between football and basketball camp with her six year old when she had that exact observation — he smelled like a grown man. She researched different products but found nothing on the market completely safe for her child. She decided that she needed to produce her own deodorant for him. From that process “Play Pits” was created — a natural, effective and guilt free deodorant for children.

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    The Company

    Play Pits is an All Natural Deodorant brand focused on producing a product that is safe, effective and trusted by families all over the world. Chantel believes that no parent should have to settle for a smelly kid. She also believes that parents shouldn’t have to subject their children to the chemicals and toxins in the products many of us still use. Having lost a godmother to Breast Cancer and grandmother to Alzheimer’s — both linked to aluminum which can be found in most antiperspirants — she knows the danger all too well.

    The very first batch of deodorant Powell created was made in her kitchen, just for her son. When he went back to camp it was a hit and soon other kids wanted it, also. Chantel’s son suggested that she make the deodorant for other kids, an idea she initially dismissed. Fortunately, Chantel reconsidered and give it a a try. Today Play Pits is a growing company with customers all over the US. They are Black owned and family owned — Chantel handles all day to day business as the CEO and her husband oversees production and shipping. Their products are completely safe for kids and as a mother, Powell insists on that. Play Pits continues to grow, at a pace that continues to amaze Chantel.

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    The Woman

    Chantel Powell has been married for seven years, is a mother of three and entrepreneur. She grew up in DC and attended Clark Atlanta University for undergrad, majoring in Fashion Merchandising. After graduating from Clark she interned at Tyler Perry Studios and soon began working as a Production Assistant. She became a buyer later and rose to become an Assistant Costumer Designer; she has worked with big names like Will Packer and the OWN Network.

    Support Play Pits

    Every child deserves to enjoy their childhood to the fullest. Parents should be able to enjoy their children, even at play. Play Pits allows for that, making sure they smell great while avoiding the harmful chemicals that so many other brands insist on. Play Pits is guilt free — effective, safe and Black owned. If your family has tried natural deodorants before and it just didn’t work out, Chantel Powell is looking for you. Support Play Pits today!


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