Black Shero Used Food Stamps To Buy Her First Product Ingredients, Now Butter Bar Skincare Does $1 Million Revenue


    Kimberly Wilson’s story will blow your mind and literally make you feel like you can defy any obstacle. She was adopted after birth. She never went to college and with her husband, gave birth shortly after graduating high school. When she decided to get serious about building her company her family was on food stamps. She focused on sugar scrubs and body butters because she could purchase most of the ingredients with the stamps. Last year she eclipsed $1 million in revenue. Today the Butter Bar Skincare company makes exceptional, plant-based skincare products that are as amazing as the company’s Black shero founder.

    Butter Bar Skincare leads in quality. The company manufactures the Flawless Facial System — a revolutionary, natural acne fighting system — and a variety of facial and body products. Face masks, body butters, cleansers, facial scrubs and serums. What sets the company apart is its commitment to each customer’s deluxe experience. Each product is handmade, only after the customer orders it. The company uses no preservatives in its products — they don’t sit around for months on a shelf. You’ll know that when you put these products on your skin, they are made fresh and especially for your use. Butter Bar Skincare products are natural and plant-based. This is luxury, personal skincare at prices regular people can afford. The company could change how they produce products in order to be more profitable but this is about purpose and not profits.

    Nearly 100 percent of Butter Bar Skincare‘s business comes from word-of-mouth. There’s no hype, their products are just that good and entirely different in quality — organic, plant-based, fresh to order and truly upscale. The Flawless Facial System System is a complete acne and hyperpigmentation kit that not only treats acne but removes scars and improves your skin’s health. It came about as a result of Kimberly’s own acne, spurred by birthing two kids. Kimberly was embarrassed to go out and promote her Butter Bar products with her skin in that condition. So she went to work creating a solution and it worked. As people sent in reviews and the word spread, Kimberly started to see the fruits of her labor; in just her first year of business her revenues exceeded the salary she’d left to start her business by five times. Not bad for a woman who was buying sugars and oils on food stamps.

    Kimberly Wilson didn’t have a straight path to entrepreneurship. She was born in Pennsylvania, adopted in New York and moved to Houston at the age of 5. Her mom was a grinder — a District Manager for Phillip Morris who outworked any and everybody, she modeled for Kimberly what self determination was. Kimberly took the lesson to heart. She was a great student, always at the top of her class — she even skipped a grade or two. She graduated early from high school but chose not to pursue collegiate studies. She had many interests but struggled to focus on just one. Music, fashion and culinary arts all came natural but Kim’s mom wanted her to just focus on one passion. Not too long after graduation she became pregnant and after becoming a mother chose the stability of corporate America. But Corporate America wasn’t very kind to a new mom; her job demanded her two weeks after birthing her daughter and fought her taking sick days to care for her son, who was born premature.

    Although she’d come up with the concept for the Butter Bar five years earlier, Kimberly decided it was time to make a change and so she did. From sugar scrubs and body butters to her Flawless Facial System, Kimberly has diligently worked from zero to plenty. As her company and product line has expanded, her obsession with ingredients, purity and quality has not. The Butter Bar’s products contain no synthetics, sulfates, parabens, petroleum or phalates. Deluxe, exclusive, premium and natural, shop The Butter Bar Skincare company today!


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