Black Man Offers Magnetic Gun Holster To Help Families Protect Their Homes


    Guns are a controversial subject. What isn’t controversial is the fact that Black people have a long history of gun ownership, often made necessary by a clear need to defend themselves. Whether at home, the office or the car, now there is a new way to store your weapon that is safe, efficient and — God forbid — if needed, far easier to access. GrippyTek is a Black owned company that offers a magnetic holster for safe gun storage. In a world where self defense is unfortunately necessary for Black people, it makes sense to have the best product available for storage and access of your weapon.

    GrippyTek‘s magnetic holster is rubber coated, ensuring that your weapon will never get scratched. It has a pull force of 43 pounds; that means the magnet will keep the weapon from easily or accidentally becoming unmounted. GripyTek‘s magnetic holster can be installed most anywhere — home, office, under your desk — securely and easily. It is designed for quick draw, which is essential in an emergency. Rather than running across your home or digging your weapon out, GrippyTek‘s holster is designed for quick and safe access. While we hope it’s never necessary, if a life threatening emergency manifests, this is the product you want in your home, car or office.

    Victor Bloise is the Founder of GrippyTek. Victor spent his early childhood in Brooklyn before moving to Long Island at the age of 8. Of all people, Victor knows that gun safety is important — he was shot at the age of 6. A slightly older cousin accessed a gun belonging to another family member and shot at Victor. Thankfully, the bullet simply grazed his chin but the incident deeply traumatized him. Perhaps that is why he struggled so much in school. He often found himself in trouble but basketball at least gave him some structure. He would play for hours, prompting his grandmother to tell him that he “smelled like street” when he’d come home. He was actually a ranked prospect in the city and was recruited to play college basketball. Even so, off the court issues sidelined him and he never was able to lace up.

    Victor channeled some of his frustration into music. He was a protégé of Shyheim of the Wu-Tang Clan. Victor’s music career was promising but still, he was wrestling with his personal demons. He struggled with focus and at times found it difficult to be consistent in pursuing his career goals. He eventually lost his love for creating music. What ultimately helped Victor come to life was the birth of his first daughter. At that moment he knew that he wanted to be a great man for her and the woman he loved. Victor tried various 9 to 5 jobs to make it work but he knew his ultimate destiny was to be an entrepreneur.

    Victor started selling his product on Amazon but it just wasn’t working out for him — sales were slow. He felt like quitting but was resilient in finding a way to make it work. When Victor started reaching out to Black influencers on social media, things changed and quickly. First up was Black Rambo, a war veteran who uses his social media platform to talk about guns. Tyson Beckford and others soon followed, helping Victor promote his brand and product — sales began to surge and they haven’t stopped. As GrippyTek has grown, so has Victor. In addition to running the company he is a motivational speaker, imparting the message that “life happens for you, not to you. Support GrippyTek today!


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