Got Curves? These Specialty Apparel Lines Will Knock You Off Your Feet!


    There has never been a place for curvy women to find high quality, super fashionable active wear. Finding lingerie specifically designed to accentuate those curves and sensuality isn’t easy, either. Now there are Black owned clothing lines that cater to both needs, thanks to Black Girl Magic. Alexis Simone is a premium, cutting edge active wear line for the beautifully curved. Ann Nahari is a lingerie line for those same women who want to feel sexy and unique, not frumpy and boxy. Both lines are stunning and completely Black woman owned. There is also a tremendous opportunity for you to profit, as they grow.

    Alexis Simone active wear features bold, colorful designs. This line delivers everything you’re looking for — cute and functional for curvy women looking to lead a healthier lifestyle. Alexis Simone is unique because their garments use a premium, spandex blend, specifically for curvier shapes. Alexis Simone bottoms feature higher waist bands that won’t creep down during a workout, for that extra support you need. Their fabrics are seriously advanced, to absorb sweat quickly. In fact, one customer literally went for a swim in their Alexis Simone active wear and immediately after went to dinner in the same clothes — that’s how fast the fabric dries. Alexis Simone offers sizes M – 5X, for the woman who wants to stay in shape and look cute while doing so.

    Ann Nahari makes lingerie to accent plus sized bodies. Their garments are not boxy or frumpy but actually tailored to fit the curves of the plus sized goddess. Ann Nahari makes sensual pieces that make women feel elegant, regal and desired. Plus sized women have beautiful, natural curves and Ann Nahari accentuates them. In addition to bold designs and African prints, Ann Nahari prioritizes quality; you won’t find scratchy, cheap fabrics but instead an abundance of elegance. Women want to feel good about their bodies and cultivate desire within their partner; Ann Nahari designs are made for women with waists up to 72 inches and each of them will have that experience with this lingerie line. You already have the curves, Ann Nahari helps you accent them for your partner’s pleasure.

    Ann Nahari and Alexis Simone are the brainchildren of Summiyah Rasheed and her mother, Wala Rasheed. Their business is not only built on amazing craftsmanship and fashion but more importantly, control. Unfortunately, many Black owned clothing lines are dependent on foreign manufacturers. Alexis Simone and Ann Nahari are two lines that shift the entire paradigm — they are not only Black owned but Black manufactured clothing lines. There is no middleman or foreign involvement, Summiyah and Wala control the entire process from start to finish. In all of the United States, the number of Black manufacturers is less than the number of fingers you have. Summiyah and her mother are, in that sense, true revolutionaries. That process of evolution didn’t happen overnight, however.

    When Summiyah began making her clothing she used vendors from overseas, like most other brands. But she wanted more control. If there was a power outage in China, her business suffered. If the shipping didn’t happen on the promised date, she had no recourse. The only way forward was to become the manufacturer. She traveled overseas extensively, observing the manufacturing process in different countries. She carefully and methodically bought the required equipment and over time, mastered the process herself. Now Summiyah is a true clothing manufacturer who is helping to teach others through her book, No Money Startup: How To Build An Apparel Manufacturing Company.

    Alexis Simone and Ann Nahari are shifting everything we ever thought possible. These gamebreaking clothing lines are also looking for wholesale distributors. If you’re looking for a second income, additional streams of income or just want to be part of a revolution in the apparel business, their wholesale program is for you. Email or call 678 200-5809 for more information.


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