Here’s How You Throw An All Black Barbecue

    Grandad and grandson grilling at a family barbecue

    Summertime means barbecues. Period. From the 4th of July to Labor Day and every block party in between, we’ll find a reason to invite our people over (provide they bring sides or drinks) and fire up the grill. But from now on, let’s do it right and throw barbecues with products from Black owned companies. Black owned companies are making fabulous seasonings for meats, sauces, paper products, sunscreen and even games to keep the fun going at the BBQ — there’s no excuse to not buy Black for your next barbecue.

    Dry Rubs & Seasonings

    Bleu Jay’s Gourmet Seasonings

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    Bleu Jay’s Gourmet Seasonings is a Vegan-Friendly seasoning business that uses no additives and has no GMOs in their products. Their products give you that rare experience of healthy and amazing!


    Click here for website (803) 524-3538

    “That meat hit different when it’s got Sumadat on it.” This dry rub is specifically for BBQ’ing. Unlike rubs currently on grocery store shelves, the founder made it because there wasn’t a rub that hit just right. Mild, No sodium, mild, hot or original, they all hit just right.

    BBQ Sauces

    Sienna Sauce

    Click here for website (832) 516-8442

    Their CEO is 15 years old and she created her first sauce at the age of 8. Today she is in over 28 Cities and 60 stores. Trust, everyone can’t be wrong — Sienna Sauce is for real.

    JohnTom’s Barbecue

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    JohnTom’s was voted Indiana’s favorite barbecue sauce. Their mouthwatering products are handcrafted in the Midwest, with a subtle dose of southern charm. They were voted favorite in the state for a reason, folks.

    Lady J, LLC

    Click here for website (844-388-7600)

    Winner of the 2018 WeBuyBlack Convention Hot Sauce Competition, Lady J Sauce is sweet + spicy like grandma! Lady J brings satisfaction to the pallets of hot sauce lovers and beyond.

    Bug Repellent

    Geaux Naturalle

    Click here for website (504) 234-5363

    You’ll need citronella candles and spray to keep the bugs away at the barbecue. Geaux Naturalle makes handmade, natural wellness products and everyday healthy alternatives.

    Paper Goods & Supplies

    D.O.L.O (Drink On Love Often) Cups, LLC

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    Black owned & woman owned, D.O.L.O Cups makes culturally designed, solo-style plastic novelty cups. The company’s proceeds benefit boys and girls in our community.

    Craft My Occassion

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    Craft My Occasion creates party supplies celebrating children of color. You can get basic, bland party supplies or make a statement with Craft My Occassion.

    Circle Terra

    Click here for website (972) 240-8779

    Circle Terra is on a mission to eliminate single use plastics and styrofoams. They offer eco-friendly, compostable tableware, take out containers & food service supplies made of sugarcane, bamboo & palm leaf.


    Life Roots Tea

    Click here for website (404) 790-6167

    Life Roots is a 100% all natural drink that quenches your health, not just your thirst.


    Black Wall Street: The Board Game

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    Roll, Buy, Invest! Black Wall Street was created to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs using the history of Tulsa’s Black Wall Street. Forget Monopoly, break this out and let the competition at the BBQ heat up.


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    Ever tried to play Taboo but didn’t get the references? DISCRETION makes Black culture the foundation of the game and not an afterthought. Get your friends together, team up and enjoy.

    The Black Pack

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    Barbecue. Spades. Do we need to say anymore?

    WHERE We Buy Black is meant to serve as a shopping assistant, helping to spotlight a select number of Black owned companies in industries commonly sought after. These features aren’t meant to be an exhaustive listing of companies. Rather, we hope to give our readers a quick jumpstart on buying Black and most importantly, developing the habit of searching for Black owned companies, FIRST.

    Before you make a purchase, check WHERE We Buy Black features here on our blog to see if we have any companies that you can utilize. As we roll out various features, we will also continue to expand on them. In other words, if you see a feature with 10 companies, that won’t be the final list – we will add to it as time goes on. As we add to those features, we will continue to promote them to our audience on a regular basis. If you are a business owner and you don’t see your company featured on a WHERE We Buy Black editorial and you’d like it to be, contact us at to inquire about inclusion.


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